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all: min
rm -rf src-tmp
rm -rf src-min-tmp
rm -rf src-cov
rm -f bankersbox.min.js
bankersbox.min.js: bankersbox.js
@echo "Sending to Google Closure compiler..."
@curl -vvv -d output_format=text -d output_info=compiled_code -d compilation_level=SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS --data-urlencode js_code@bankersbox.js > bankersbox.min.js 2> /dev/null
@echo "Done."
min: bankersbox.min.js
@echo "Testing bankersbox.js:"
@NODE_PATH=`pwd` expresso -s tests/*
testmin: min
@mkdir -p src-min-tmp
@rm -f src-min-tmp/bankersbox.js
@ln -s ../bankersbox.min.js src-min-tmp/bankersbox.js
@echo "Testing MINIFIED file:"
@NODE_PATH=`pwd`/src-min-tmp expresso -s tests/*
testall: test testmin
mkdir -p src-tmp
rm -f src-tmp/bankersbox.js
ln -s ../bankersbox.js src-tmp/bankersbox.js
rm -rf src-cov
node-jscoverage src-tmp src-cov
NODE_PATH=`pwd`/src-cov expresso -s tests/*
.PHONY: all clean min test testmin testall coverage
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