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# Trademarks
-"OpenVBX" and "Twilio" are trademarks of Twilio, inc. Redistribution
-rights of the Trademarks of Twilio, Inc. within the iPhone app are
+"OpenVBX" and "Twilio" are trademarks of Twilio, Inc., all rights
+reserved. If you want to say something like "Powered by Twilio" or
+"Powered by OpenVBX" we'd be honored. If you want to redistribute
+OpenVBX or this iPhone app, you must come up with your own product name.
+Use of the Twilio trademarks in your product name requires Twilio's
+written permission.
# More Information
-Pickles and gravy.
Please remember that your use of OpenVBX in connection with the Twilio

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