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Troubleshooting/Common Issues

OpenVBX Troubleshooting / Common Issues page

Repository Layout

OpenVBX development follows the Git Flow method.

The branches are set up with specific purposes in mind:

  • master: The master branch will always mirror the latest tagged release. Master will always have production ready code.
  • develop: Develop is stable code that contains features and/or bug fixes that have not yet been approved for production. Any feature development is merged in to develop for testing and approval before being tagged. You can safely assume that barring anything unexpected happening that the develop branch has good bleeding edge code that won't break your install. Back up your database, though, 'cause it just might run an upgrade routine.
  • feature/feature-name: Occasionally a feature branch will show up in GitHub. We use feature branches to do new feature development. Once the feature branches are tested and approved they are merged back in to the develop branch for final testing and the feature branches are then deleted.

Contributing to OpenVBX

When working on OpenVBX try to work on the develop branch. This is where all work is done before being completed and merged in to master. No work goes directly to master.

To open a pull request against OpenVBX open it from your develop branch on to the main develop branch. We will end up pulling any requests against master in to a feature branch off of develop before merging the pull request.

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