Openvbx release 1.2

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OpenVBX 1.2.20

  • Udpated ReadMe with SSL Certificate requirements.
  • Fixed $cache variable visibility in install.php. (Thanks @gegere)

OpenVBX 1.2.19

  • Fix highlighting of plugin generated pages in sidebar menu. (Thanks @jpwalters)
  • Allow Administrator users to "promote" other users to Administrator. (Thanks @jpwalters)
  • Allow conferences to be recorded. (Thanks @jpwalters)
  • Add programmatic underpinnings to allow for easy recording of dialed calls. (Thanks @jpwalters)
  • Doc updates to assist static analysis tools.
  • Load Twilio JS via protocol relative url. (Thanks @trenton42)

OpenVBX 1.2.18

  • Fix implementation of several methods by making them static.
  • Update config of base_url to accommodate servers living behind a proxy.
  • Fix validation of the Twilio Request for servers not running mod-rewrite support.
  • Fix notification settings save when altering settings as a tenant. (Thanks @AsaadQ)
  • Removing obsolete update check.
  • Numerous small fixes, code style updates, and docblock fixes of issues found during static analysis.
  • Implement cache control on messages/scripts endpoint and script tag to prevent caching.
  • Fix user edit button href after new users are added to contain the proper user edit url.
  • Explicitly hide E_DEPRECATED and E_STRICT errors in the default error reporting to handle the differences in how different versions of PHP report errors.
  • Convert html entities in license section that were causing an email address to be hidden.

OpenVBX 1.2.17

  • Fix implementation of OpenVBX::connectAuthTenant() by making it static.
  • Fix Text to Speech voice and language picker to properly present and use extended language codes when using the Alice voice.
  • Clean up settings forms to redirect back to the same form after submission.
  • Fix bug that prevented the population of the Twilio Client Application SID during installation.
  • Adding (long overdue) pagination to Numbers screen.

OpenVBX 1.2.16

  • Update SMS Applet to properly use <Sms> TwiML when sending messages during voice flows. (Thanks @gegere)

OpenVBX 1.2.15

  • Various small fixes found through static analysis.
  • Update verbiage for locating Connect Apps in the Twilio Account Portal. (Thanks @brylie)
  • Add endpoint to retrieve list of user ids for a group. (Thanks @joepikowski)
  • Update Twilio JS to load version 1.2.
  • Fixes to enable international phone number purchasing. The process still requires a re-design but now a persistent admin user can use error messages to navigate the land mines of phone number availability and address requirements.
  • Add a local dev helper that replaces localhost with to satisfy the Twilio api url validation when configuring phone numbers on a local testing machine.
  • Fix GitHub update lookup by adding a user agent string to the GitHub api request.
  • Update Text to Speech options to include the Alice voice and Italian voice language options.
  • Fix pricing information url in phone number purchase dialog.
  • Fix typos (Thanks @RoyHP)
  • Remove mention of the iPhone app since it is unfortunately no longer maintained or supported. All functionality is retained, just not advertised.

OpenVBX 1.2.14

  • Fix curl error handling on GitHub API calls.
  • Adding SIP validation helper.
  • Clean up various innocuous log notices.
  • Upgrade Twilio PHP api library. (Thanks @guyhughes)
  • Send busy calls to voicemail in the dial applet. (Thanks @chadsmith)
  • Clarify verbiage in iPhone install guide. (Thanks @plaidfluff)
  • Remove obsolete override of setTimeout in global.js that was causing an untold myriad of issues.
  • Update VBX_Github_Client to use new PHP 5.5 goodness when available.
  • Rework template loading to allow for ajax-loading of chrome-less templates.
  • Update SMS message sending to use new /Messages endpoint to enable 1600 character message lengths. Individual plugins will need to update on their own to take advantage of the extra available message length.
  • Fix setting of modal global default options.

OpenVBX 1.2.13

  • Send proper JSON header during install steps.
  • Fix bug in Twilio Services usage where custom certificate would not load.

OpenVBX 1.2.12

  • Fix cache table value field to be mediumblob instead of text. Fixes an issue where large lists of phone numbers (300+) would overflow the value field and corrupt the cached data.
  • Fix exception with latest versions of PHP when a default timezone is not set.
  • Fix Github API request for upgrade version check to use Github API V3.
  • Removing Sandbox number access. Sandbox numbers are no longer supported by Twilio.
    • Also fixes an issue when loading phone number lists where looking for the pin attribute would cause a series of unecessary api calls.
  • Updating Twilio PHP library to fix issue with special characters in TwiML output.
  • Fix issue with double-encoded entities that manifested in flow editor. Use the double_encode flag in htmlspecialchars to protect against it happening.
    • Minimum PHP version bumped to 5.2.3 to accommodate the double encode flag.

OpenVBX 1.2.11

  • Fix character counting on message detail page. Props to @walker.
  • Add focus to inputs on certain dialogs and pickers. Props to @walker.
  • Bump Twilio JS to 1.1 for WebRTC support.

OpenVBX 1.2.10

  • Fix improper exception pass through that would show the wrong error message to a user when updating settings.
  • Adding a favicon to help keep server logs quiet.
  • Fix to timing applet to properly handle wrapping around to Sunday.
  • Fix to conference applet to properly set the hasModerator flag and not allow just anyone to start a conference.
  • Disable sandbox display by default. Sandbox is now deprecated by Twilio on all new accounts.
  • Remove call to uniqid in conference applet ui.php since uniqid seems to have issues on different systems. Replaced with call to mt_rand.
  • Fix request validation where url rewriting is enabled but the vbxsite variable still appears in the request uri parameter.
  • Fix unnecessary failure when trying to install on localhost.
  • Fix for emails not containing the properly adjusted message time.
  • Fix device call sequence to respect the sequence when dialing a user.
  • Trust Twilio REST Api objects when scrubbing data.
  • Add sample plugin for Twilio Usage API data.

OpenVBX 1.2.9

  • Reverted previous change made in 1.2.8 that allowed for GET params in request validations when using pretty urls.

OpenVBX 1.2.8

  • Fixed TwimlDial class to properly set the dial timeout as passed in. Fixes an issue where the system settings dial timeout value wouldn't apply to the dial applet.
  • No longer using VBX settings for rewrite to allow or deny GET params in the request validation to support GET as well as POST methods on incoming TwiML requests. Props to @fomojola.
  • Fixed an issue where a server that doesn't support the GitHub library for version checking would also hide the Tenants Settings tab.

OpenVBX 1.2.7

  • remove reference to $30 credit when signing up for a Twilio trial accounts

OpenVBX 1.2.6

  • properly formulate gravatar urls when using https
  • properly handle exceptions when calling GitHub for latest tag data during version check
  • include option to use Twilio SSL Certificate when making api requests. Fixes issue on some hosts where curl certs are out of date
  • add pagination to Flows screen. Previous limit was 100 flows displayed on a single screen
  • added proper asset url versioning to iframe assets

OpenVBX 1.2.5

  • add is_numeric to id check during model save since PHP likes to do weird intval conversions
  • fix log error message when looking for a controller when the base url is being loaded
  • fix error with tenant login when the tenant name was saved with capital letters in it. Tenants are now redirected to their correct, proper-case url
  • load special error page instead of showing white-screen when running on PHP4
  • fix Settings > Twilio Account view for Connect tenants since the Token is not required
  • fix an issue with passing boolean values to Services Twilio where string literal 'true' and 'false' should be used instead
  • fix an issue that could prevent the dial timeout from being properly applied
  • explicitly setting the timeLimit value on the conference dial to the stated default of 4 hours as a user has reported being cut-off at 1 hour
  • adding check for safe_mode and open_basedir restrictions as they disallow the setting of CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION (and kills the GitHub tag request for the upgrade check)
  • cleaned up license section of the Settings > About screen

OpenVBX 1.2.4

  • fix Connect app authorization return to properly authorize the returning user
  • merge pull request to make whisper on outbound dialing via the Dial applet optional

OpenVBX 1.2.3

  • fix scoping bug on PHP 5.2 based servers that resulted from previous PluginData cache fix

OpenVBX 1.2.2

  • fix number assignment to flow to null ApplicationSid fields as they always trump url values and can prevent a number assignment from taking hold
  • fix memcache cache generation method to properly query the objects cache generation
  • fix VBX_Plugin_Store to return a generated id field when requested. The PluginStore database table doesn't have a primary key of id like other cached database data so we need to generate one on a per request basis to enable proper caching of this data.
  • removed a check for php versions < 5.2 in MY_Model

OpenVBX 1.2.1

  • update outgoing email to properly set user-agent, reply-to and return-path for sent emails
    • return-path won't always override depending upon the server's sendmail configuration
  • fix cache table keys to fix rare condition where mysql would reserve key-name lengths for utf8 making the resulting key length reservation more than 1000 characters
  • add minification config override for servers that don't define a proper server document root
  • fix install setup error return to properly display the error

OpenVBX 1.2

  • redesign numbers screen to separate assigned, unassigned, and numbers in-use by other systems
  • change user edit screens to always use dedicated page instead of a popup
  • add object caching layer supporting the following mechanisms:
    • local (per page load memory cache)
    • Database
    • APC
    • Memcache
  • add API cache that uses the database to cache API results from Twilio
  • add method to flush caches via About screen
  • show cache object info in About screen
  • clean most models for code consistency & cache efficiency
  • move user last_seen, online & last_login to be user settings
  • add helpful data in user view screen to help admins to inspect users
  • fix password length bug, set min-length to 8 characters
  • upgrade password storage security using phppass
  • add helpful documentation snippets in the Settings screens
  • add better error messages from failed API transactions
  • setting version number in a file instead of from database
    • allows static operations to properly set an appropriate api user agent
  • changing Services_Twilio user agent to identify itself as OpenVBX
  • increased test coverage for applets, implement data fixtures, and include better test documentation
  • change behavior of TwiML preview links in flow editor to open in a new window
  • add system setting for controlling the system time zone
  • add system setting for controlling email notifications for new messages
  • add system setting for controlling the display of the Sandbox number (parent tenant only)
  • add system setting for controlling the duration of the dail timeout
    • setting is global
  • add upgrade notice functionality to Admin section
    • automatically detects new tag versions on GitHub and displays a banner to admins
  • fix connect app sid validation during install
  • fix an uncaught exception when trying to send voicemail sms notifications from a non-sms enabled number
  • added check during voicemail notification to not attempt to send SMS notification if the incoming number is not sms enabled
    • in the future this should fall back to another number that is designated as a fallback SMS notification number.
  • general html & css cleanup
  • fix for servers running on non-standard ports so that manually changing the $config['cooke_path'] is no longer required to be able to log in
  • change .htaccess file's mod_deflate directives to exclude SWF files
  • CSS updates to bring modern versions of IE visually up to par with other browsers