Openvbx release 1.1

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OpenVBX 1.1.3

  • fix an issue with call to record where the caller id field is missing and causes the call to fail
  • fix an issue with Client account creation where rewrite_enabled isn't considered when constructing the url
  • fixes issues with following external URLs in to the application
  • fixes issue querying for incoming numbers on accounts with no sandbox
  • fix an unhandled exception when accessing a message that doesn't exist
  • update & add user notices around non-existent and disallowed message view attempts
  • add notices on Twilio Account screen in the event of malformed Client Application data
  • update steps.js to change order of "next" and "submit" buttons instead of overriding the form submit. Using the order of buttons to designate the primary action makes the event firing more predictable across browsers
  • add email address validation to install process
  • add ability to go to previous install step on last step of install
  • add attempt during install to recreate the .htaccess file if it is not present
  • fixes a request validation error when dialing using a device and when mod_rewrite is not enabled
  • add link to Troubleshooting/Common Issues page on GitHub
  • fixes an errant check on tenant when checking if tenant is using Twilio Connect
  • apply consistent use of asset_url()
  • fixed error that would cause System Config update to cause an Application update with empty urls

OpenVBX 1.1.2

  • fixed issue with normal numbers in Dial applet
  • attempt to fix issue with a rare logout redirect that lands a sub-tenant user on the parent-tenant's login page

OpenVBX 1.1.1

  • fixed an issue with validation of requests from Twilio
  • fixed an issue with gathering devices during a group dial
  • fixing issue with media uploading when a user's email contains a "+"
  • silenced various notices
  • added more system status output to Settings > About
  • fixed possible tenant first run sending to Connect signup when not necessary

OpenVBX 1.1

  • integrate Twilio Connect for Tenants
  • adding voice & language preferences to site options to allow administrator to set site wide options for the voice type and language of voice
    • enable tenant administrators to edit their system settings
  • adding transcription preference to site options to allow transcriptions to be turned off
  • adding ability to sort users in a group
  • updated Twilio Client UI slider to fully integrate dialing functionality in to slider dialog
    • dialog now saves state as user specific settings
    • dialog allows dialing using any configured device wether active or not
    • dialog shows a list of users in the system along with a quick dial button
    • dialog live updates when user/device/number data changes in the system
      • for user making the change, other users currently require logging out/in to refresh
  • adding Minify.php for asset minification in lieu of pre-compiled assets
  • enable the purchase of numbers by specific country
  • display and enforce number capabilities. not all numbers are allowed to use sms
  • updated API library to latest Services Twilio library & updated all calls to Twilio to use the new library
    • modify internal calls & standard applets to use new library for API calls & TwiML generation
  • updated install, upgrade & welcome JS to abstract out the steps slider
  • updated install routine to detect & use mysqli if available
  • added native sequential="true" attribute to Dial actions
  • hardened install/upgrade error handling JavaScript
  • showing number names in Twilio numbers list
    • numbers are named in the Twilio Account portal
  • added form convenience helpers to Twilio Helper
  • added Upgrade instructions file
  • added user settings table
    • added user setting() and setting_set() interfaces on VBX_User
    • added /account/settings ajax endpoint for setting preferences
  • improved Twilio Client init & user online status handling when Client takes a while to init
  • added deprecation notices to old api library items
  • added new Twilio helper file with:
    • request validation
    • clean digits helper
    • url versioning helper
    • deprecation notice helper
  • documentation content and formatting updates
  • bumped system PHP requirement to 5.2+
    • PHP versions less than 5.2 are no longer supported
  • better handle disabled tenants during upgrade
  • added integration testing library based on foostack
    • started integration tests for applets
  • fixing database debug setting default. Now defaults to off
  • added Gravatar support in theme options
  • users list is now ordered by user last name & administrators are identified in the list
  • adding local config override option for OpenVBX/config/config.php
    • overrides are ignored via .gitignore
  • fix for audio uploads 302 error
  • fix bug in rest access tokens that could allow unauthorized access to twiml controller
    • each twilio client outbound call now has its own rest access token
  • add more standards compliant CSS for base UI styling
  • fixed bug where an error entering basic tenant info could create an incomplete tenant
  • added Changelog file
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