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Code Coaching

Want to learn how to code, or build a Twilio app? Then you've come to the the right place.

Code coaching is a weekly meeting of Twilions teaching each other how to code. Instead of a formal classroom setting, coaching is a one-on-one mentoring program. You'll be paired with an engineer who will help you learn how to code and solve problems.


Code coaching meets every Monday from 6-8pm in AGB (the large conference room on the third floor near the elevator). No need to sign up or fill out a form, just show up at 6 with your laptop in hand.

Course work

Unlike a regular class, code coaching has no set curriculum. Each student works at his or her own pace on an individual project. Don’t have a project in mind? No worries. Below is a list of great self-paced courses for learning various languages. Pick the one that most interests you. Your mentor will help you get started on the course and help with any problems you run into.

Suggested Online Courses

Similar to end of sprint demos, every meeting will start with show and tell. You get two minutes to show everyone what you’ve been working on. Whether it’s a finished project or a a snippet of code, we want to see what you’ve been doing.

Required Supplies

  • a laptop
  • a text editor
  • git
  • a Github account (it’s free)

Why a Github account? One of the first things you’ll learn about programmers is that we love to share. Open source is natural extension of this sharing mindset. Everyone will be encouraged to share their code with the world.

For a text editor, we suggest TextWrangler. Why not something else? I’ll let Zed Shaw take it from here.

If a programmer tells you to use vim or emacs, tell them, “No.” These editors are for when you are a better programmer. All you need right now is an editor that lets you put text into a file.