Principled code generation for Scala services
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A maven plugin for adding clients and servers generated by guardrail to your service.


Add to your pom.xml:



To generate multiple clients, specify multiple <execution> sections.

Parameter Name Description
outputPath Location of generated classes (defaults to ${}/generated-sources/swagger-clients)
specPath Location of the swagger specification file
packageName Package name to use for the generated classes
dtoPackage Package name for the data transfer objects (defaults to same as packageName)
tracing Whether or not to generate clients that accept a TracingContext which will send tracing headers to the remote service (defaults to false)
kind What kind of code should be generated (defaults to client. Valid values are: client, server)
customImports A list of <customImport>s that will be added to the top of all generated files. Useful for providing additional typeclass instances or domain-specific types
framework The framework to generate the code for (defaults to akka-http)