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@@ -7,28 +7,32 @@ When you are bumping the version number, here is a checklist to follow:
* Run the unit tests and the Twilio integration tests to check for
+* Merge the branch.
* Add a summary of the changes to the CHANGES file in the home directory.
* If necessary, add the contributor to the AUTHORS file.
-* Bump the version in the user agent in Services/Twilio.php
-* Update the release number in docs/
+* Update the version number in the following places:
-* Update the version number in docs/index.rst
+ * The user agent in Services/Twilio.php
+ * The Docs configuration file docs/
+ * The docs homepage, docs/index.rst
+ * In package.php, and add a short change note
-* Update the version number in package.php, and add a short change note
+* Commit the above changes
* Tag a new Github release with the version number, and also with the `latest`
- php package.php > package.xml
+ git tag -d latest
+ git tag latest
+ git tag X.Y.Z
- pear package
+* Run the `` script in this folder.
- Then copy over the tgz ball to the folder containing
-, and run:
+ sh 3.7.2
- pirum add . Services_Twilio-X.Y.Z.tgz
+ This will create a new package.xml file, create a tarball and a gzipped
+ tarball, and commit both to this repository automatically.
- You may need to install some dependencies to get this to run properly.

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