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import logging
from models import Image
from models import Status
def register(migration):
""" Register a migratin with the runner """
MIGRATIONS[migration.__name__] = migration
def find(migration_name):
""" Return the migration for a given class name
If no migration found, returns None
key -- Name of a migration class
if migration_name in MIGRATIONS:
return MIGRATIONS[migration_name]
return None
def all():
""" Return all registred migrations """
return MIGRATIONS.values()
def clear():
""" Clear all registerd migrations """
class Migration(object):
"""App Engine data migration
A doc string is where you describe what your migration does
No output is shown to the user, so make liberal use logging.
Before running a migration on produciton data, download portitions of
real data into an sample application using the bulk exporter
Register migrations with the MigrationRunner.register method
def name(cls):
return cls.__name__
def start(self):"Staring migration %s" % self.__class__.__name__)"Finished migration %s" % self.__class__.__name__)
def run(self):
"""Run the migration """
class UpdateStatusMigration(Migration):
""" Migrate sample data
This migration does nothing. NOTHING!
def run(self):"Update each status")
# For each status
for status in Status.all().fetch(100):
# Set the status to default
status.default = False
# Update the status url
status.image = "icons/fugue/" + status.image + ".png"
# Save the status
# Get the up status and make it default
default_status = Status.get_by_slug("up")
if default_status is None:
logging.error("Could not find the up status")
default_status.default = True
default_status.put()"Set up status as the default")
class AddImagesMigration(Migration):
""" Add images to the database """
def run(self):"Load the images into the database")
Image.load_defaults()"Loading complete")
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