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2012.2.20, Version 1.5.1
* Add new Service List resource for grouping similar services
* Update public REST API documentation to only document GET methods
2011.11.27, Version 1.5
* Rewrite frontend to use memcache and templating instead of client-side javascript
* Add test coverage for REST API
* Add a new admin section
* All destructive API calls now must go through the "/admin/api/v1" endpoint
* Add a "Report Incident" button
2010.07.22, Version 1.1.4
* Changed the front page to use the proper date range for events
* Fix the rfc1123() to handle -ve timezone offset (Barnaby Gray)
* Prevent the REST API from return events with a null informatoinal boolean flag
* Fix small spelling error in common.js
* Added a favicon