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twilio-java Changelog
Here you can see the full list of changes between each twilio-java release.
Version 3.3.9
Released on June 1, 2012
- Updates pom.xml for central Maven submission
- Fixes all Javadoc warnings
Version 3.3.8
Released on April 3, 2012
- Fixes recording delete requests
- Add the ability to close a subaccount
- Fixed application misspellings
- Sandbox class fixes
- Fix for ConnectAppList
Version 3.3.7
Released on January 25, 2011
- Mavenized the build
- Removed unnecessary jars from dependencies
Version 3.3.6
Released on January 18, 2011
- Fixed a bug where the short one second HTTP Connection timeout led to connection exceptions - increased to 10 seconds
- Fixed constructors for resource instances must not accept null Sid
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