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Upgrade Guide

All MAJOR version bumps will have upgrade notes posted here.

[2023-01-25] 3.x.x to 4.x.x

  • Supported Node.js versions updated

    • Upgrade to Node.js >= 14
    • Dropped support for Node.js < 14 (#791)
    • Added support for Node.js 18 (#794)
  • Lazy loading enabled by default (#752)

    • Required Twilio modules now lazy load by default
    • See the README for how to disable lazy loading
  • Type changes from object to Record (#873)

    • Certain response properties now use the Record type with string keys
    • Including the subresourceUris property for v2010 APIs and the links properties for non-v2010 APIs
  • Access Tokens

    • Creating an AccessToken requires an identity in the options (#875)
    • ConversationsGrant has been deprecated in favor of VoiceGrant (#783)
    • IpMessagingGrant has been removed (#784)
  • TwiML function deprecations (#788)

    • <Refer>
      • Refer.referSip() replaced by Refer.sip()
    • <Say>
      • Say.ssmlBreak() and Say.break_() replaced by Say.break()

      • Say.ssmlEmphasis() replaced by Say.emphasis()

      • Say.ssmlLang() replaced by Say.lang()

      • Say.ssmlP() replaced by Say.p()

      • Say.ssmlPhoneme() replaced by Say.phoneme()

      • Say.ssmlProsody() replaced by Say.prosody()

      • Say.ssmlS() replaced by Say.s()

      • Say.ssmlSayAs() replaced by Say.sayAs()

      • Say.ssmlSub() replaced by Say.sub()

      • Say.ssmlW() replaced by Say.w()


        const response = new VoiceResponse();
        const say = response.say("Hello");


        const response = new VoiceResponse();
        const say = response.say("Hello");
  • TaskRouter Workers Statistics operations updated (#820)

    • Cumulative and Real-Time Workers Statistics no longer accept a WorkerSid

    • GET /v1/Workspaces/{WorkspaceSid}/Workers/CumulativeStatistics

      Old: client.taskrouter.v1.workspaces('WS...').workers('WK...).cumulativeStatistics()

      New: client.taskrouter.v1.workspaces('WS...').workers.cumulativeStatistics()

    • GET /v1/Workspaces/{WorkspaceSid}/Workers/RealTimeStatistics

      Old: client.taskrouter.v1.workspaces('WS...').workers('WK...).realTimeStatistics()

      New: client.taskrouter.v1.workspaces('WS...').workers.realTimeStatistics()

[2017-05-22] 3.1.x to 3.2.x

CHANGED - Rename video room Recordings class to RoomRecordings


  • This was done to avoid a class name conflict with another resource.
  • Client code should be unaffected unless you manipulate the Recording/RoomRecordings class directly. Accessing room recording metadata via the client should work the same way as before.