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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ move the Services folder from the twilio-php library into the folder containing
your file. So if you have a file called ``send-sms.php``, your folder structure
should look like this:
-.. code-block::
+.. code-block:: bash
├── send-sms.php
@@ -39,6 +39,23 @@ If you need to copy all of these files to your web hosting server, the easiest
way is to compress them into a ZIP file, copy that to your server with FTP, and
then unzip it back into a folder in your CPanel or similar.
+You could also try downloading the library via PEAR, a package manager for PHP,
+which will add the library to your PHP path, so you can load the Twilio library
+from anywhere. Run this at the command line:
+.. code-block:: bash
+ $ pear channel-discover
+ $ pear install twilio/Services_Twilio
+If you get the following message:
+.. code-block:: bash
+ $ -bash: pear: command not found
+you can install PEAR from their website.
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