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A Ruby gem for communicating with the Twilio API and generating TwiML

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A module for using the Twilio REST API and generating valid TwiML. Click here to read the full documentation.


To install using Bundler grab the latest stable version:

gem 'twilio-ruby', '~> 4.1.0'

To manually install twilio-ruby via Rubygems simply gem install:

gem install twilio-ruby

To build and install the development branch yourself from the latest source:

git clone
cd twilio-ruby
make install

Getting Started With REST

Setup Work

require 'rubygems' # not necessary with ruby 1.9 but included for completeness
require 'twilio-ruby'

# put your own credentials here
account_sid = 'ACxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
auth_token = 'yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'

# set up a client to talk to the Twilio REST API
@client = account_sid, auth_token

# alternatively, you can preconfigure the client like so
Twilio.configure do |config|
  config.account_sid = account_sid
  config.auth_token = auth_token

# and then you can create a new client without parameters
@client =

Send an SMS

  from: '+14159341234',
  to: '+16105557069',
  body: 'Hey there!'

Send an MMS

  from: '+14159341234',
  to: '+16105557069',
  body: 'Hey there!',
  media_url: ''

Do Some Stuff With Calls

# make a new outgoing call
@call = @client.calls.create(
  from: '+14159341234',
  to: '+18004567890',
  url: ''

# hangup a ringing call, but don't touch it if it's connected

# if you have the call sid, you can fetch a call object via:
@call = @client.calls.get('CA386025c9bf5d6052a1d1ea42b4d16662')

# redirect an in-progress call

# hangup a call, no matter whether it is ringing or connected

List Calls after a certain time

# list calls made or received on or after May 13, 2013
@client.calls.list("start_time>" => "2013-05-13") # Notice we omit the "=" in the "start_time>=" parameter because it is automatically added

Buy a Phone Number

# print some available numbers
@numbers = @client.available_phone_numbers.get('US').local.list(
  contains: 'AWESOME'
@numbers.each {|num| puts num.phone_number}

# buy the first one
@number = @numbers[0].phone_number
@client.incoming_phone_numbers.create(phone_number: @number)

Getting Started With Client Capability Tokens

If you just need to generate a Capability Token for use with Twilio Client, you can do this:

require 'rubygems' # not necessary with ruby 1.9 but included for completeness
require 'twilio-ruby'

# put your own account credentials here:
account_sid = 'AC043dcf9844e13758bc3a36a84c29761'
auth_token = '62ea81de3a5b413254eb263595357c69'

# set up
capability = account_sid, auth_token

# allow outgoing calls to an application
capability.allow_client_outgoing 'AP89a0180a1a4ddf1da954efca349b7a20'

# allow incoming calls to 'andrew'
capability.allow_client_incoming 'andrew'

# generate the token string
@token = capability.generate

There is a slightly more detailed document in the Capability section of the wiki.

Getting Started With TwiML

TwiML support is based on the Builder library. You can construct a TwiML response like this:

require 'rubygems' # not necessary with ruby 1.9 but included for completeness
require 'twilio-ruby'

# build up a response
response = do |r|
  r.Say 'hello there', voice: 'alice'
  r.Dial callerId: '+14159992222' do |d|
    d.Client 'jenny'

# print the result
puts response.text

This will print the following (except for the whitespace):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Say voice="alice">hello there</Say>
  <Dial callerId="+14159992222">

Supported Ruby Versions

This library supports and is tested against the following Ruby implementations:

Getting help

If you need help installing or using the library, please contact Twilio Support at first. Twilio's Support staff are well-versed in all of the Twilio Helper Libraries, and usually reply within 24 hours.

If you've instead found a bug in the library or would like new features added, go ahead and open issues or pull requests against this repo!

More Information

There are more detailed examples in the included examples directory. Also for thoose upgrading, the upgrade guide is available in the twilio-ruby github wiki.

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