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I implemented equals on Response. We needed it for testing.
Also, I added fakeweb & rspec to the Gemfile.

andrewmbenton and others added some commits Aug 4, 2011
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton use inspect to reduce annoyance in irb and twilio-console 902b3b3
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton implemented #total on list resources and on arrays returned from #list a6f98e9
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton standardize input for case statement in legacy request method 28938a4
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton implemented inspect methods on instance and list resource objects to …
…reduce clutter in irb and twilio-console
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton implemented last_request and last_response to expose the underlying N…
…et::HTTP objects
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton writing rdoc for client class f2e1b96
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton writing rdoc for client class ef2fa7a
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton writing rdoc for client class 14cab7b
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton writing rdoc for client class 22e1226
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton writing rdoc for client class 9659f92
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton moving to options hash for client config 794964d
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton adding .gitignore 44208f2
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton updating gemspec for rdoc and development version bump d31344f
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton merging develop with local changes 96e7810
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton cleaning up gemspec 4e98140
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton ignoring generated documentation a38eceb
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton cleaning up gemspec 4d768be
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton setting up Twilio::VERSION and adding documentation 608b391
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 540d920
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 2a40db3
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 9835c28
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 2014ae8
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 7c1745b
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 84d9527
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 77d0b26
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 295aec5
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 6987156
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 13cc3e6
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton consolidating classes 40c1608
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton modifying require for new class layout 0cd57d9
@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton some documentation fixes 796fc16
@srushti srushti added equals methods to response (makes it easier to test) 2cb6799
@srushti srushti added test dependencies to the Gemfile 1568043

Oops! I meant to give a pull request to the develop branch. Could you just merge it in or would you like me to give a new request to the correct branch?


i'd like to merge it to the develop branch if possible. can you reissue the pull? thanks!


Sure, I'm closing this and will issue a new pull request.

@srushti srushti closed this Aug 12, 2011
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