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karlfreeman commented Mar 19, 2014

Additional work possible:

  • Replace Net::HTTP with Faraday. Which should dry up some of the code as well as allow for various adaptors.
  • Deprecate 1.8.7, 1.9.2 support via Rubocop.

kevinburke commented Mar 19, 2014

Hi Karl,
Thanks for the PR! It looks like we've fallen behind the latest and
greatest in the Ruby community and this will help get us back there.

That said, these commits stand a much better chance of getting merged if
you can break them up into smaller, discrete pieces of work.

Kevin Burke | Twilio
phone: 925.271.7005 | kev.inburke.com

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 7:06 PM, Karl Freeman notifications@github.comwrote:

Happy to rebase these changes into one.

additional work possible

  • Replace Net::HTTP with Faradayhttps://github.com/lostisland/faraday.
    Which should dry up some of the code as well as allow for various adaptors.
  • Deprecate 1.8.7, 1.9.2 support via Rubocophttps://github.com/bbatsov/rubocop

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Commit Summary

  • ignore bin directories
  • keep up with the times
  • use default Travis behaviour
  • indicate that we're keen on caching
  • lets not install non-essential gems
  • test against a larger variety of ruby interpreters
  • speedy greens
  • markdown these files for prettier printing on Github
  • replace Gem::PackageTask with Bundler::GemHelper
  • add description to Rspec Rake task
  • use Bundler rake task instead
  • refresh for latest Gem::Specification behaviour
  • hopefully everyone us using --binstubs to not need to Bundle exec
  • first cut at giving this a refresh
  • move FakeWeb out into a support file
  • use Rspec 3.0 expect syntax

File Changes

  • M .gitignorehttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-0(2)
  • M .travis.ymlhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-1(28)
  • R CHANGES.mdhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-2(0)
  • M Gemfilehttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-3(9)
  • R LICENSE.mdhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-4(2)
  • M Makefilehttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-5(5)
  • M README.mdhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-6(70)
  • M Rakefilehttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-7(18)
  • M spec/rest/account_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-8(40)
  • M spec/rest/call_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-9(8)
  • M spec/rest/client_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-10(76)
  • M spec/rest/conference_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-11(4)
  • M spec/rest/instance_resource_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-12(6)
  • M spec/rest/message_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-13(4)
  • M spec/rest/numbers_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-14(24)
  • M spec/rest/queue_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-15(4)
  • M spec/rest/recording_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-16(4)
  • M spec/spec_helper.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-17(15)
  • A spec/support/fakeweb.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-18(2)
  • M spec/util/capability_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-19(52)
  • M spec/util/request_validator_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-20(4)
  • M spec/util/url_encode_spec.rbhttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-21(2)
  • M twilio-ruby.gemspechttps://github.com/twilio/twilio-ruby/pull/85/files#diff-22(56)

Patch Links:

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karlfreeman commented Mar 19, 2014

No worries. I can go ahead and separate these out if you like.


karlfreeman commented Mar 19, 2014

I'll leave this here but feel free to look over #86, #87, #88 and #89 for more discrete pieces of work.


carlosdp commented Jul 25, 2014

It looks like this was successfully broken up into #86, #87, #88, and #89, so closing this for clarity.

@carlosdp carlosdp closed this Jul 25, 2014

@karlfreeman karlfreeman deleted the karlfreeman:hello branch Jul 27, 2014

ajtack pushed a commit to ajtack/twilio-ruby that referenced this pull request Apr 28, 2017

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