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Added example of how to send SMS #9

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I saw this was missing an example on how to send an SMS (like the Python repo has), so I thought I'd throw this in there. Tested it on my setup and worked perfectly. It's just an example of how to send an SMS.


the example is good. but either remove the reference to the sandbox number or put the sandbox pin into the message to be consistent. then i will merge.



Is that more along the lines of what you were looking for?



perfect, merging

@andrewmbenton andrewmbenton merged commit a0c8495 into from
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@@ -61,3 +61,14 @@
RE7b22d733d3e730d234e94242b9697cae", 'DELETE')
puts "code: %s" % [resp.code]
+# ===========================================================================
+# 6. Send an SMS Message to 415-555-1212
+# uses a HTTP POST, and a new variable t for the information (because it needs "Body")
+t = {
+ 'From' => CALLER_ID,
+ 'To' => '415-555-1212',
+ 'Body' => "Hello, world. This is a text from Twilio using Ruby!"
+resp = account.request("/#{API_VERSION}/Accounts/#{Account_SID}/SMS/Messages",
+ "POST", t)
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