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ceaglest ISDK-1699: Add support for the iPhone X, XS, XR (#315)
* Use safe area for ScreenCapturerExample preview layout.
* Use safe area for AudioDeviceExample preview layout.
* Use safe area for AudioSinkExample layout.
* Local video preview.
* Text label when recognizing audio.
* Automatically hide the home indicator in ARKitExample.
* Settings ViewController UX improvements.
* Use a red theme for ReplayKitExample.
* Theme the UINavigationBar for white tint color, twilio red bar tint, and black bar style.
* Theme the RPBroadcastSystemPickerView to match with white tint.
* Use #if !targetEnvironment(simulator) macro.
* Update the ReplayKit example images.
* Hide auto home indicator when connected to a Room in QS / CallKit QS.
Latest commit 70e7ad7 Oct 16, 2018