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update buildout to new bootstrap file
undo setuptools pin
update for app engine sdk 1.9.17
update for app engine sdk 1.9.11
remove mako and chameleon dependencies since they are no longer required for pyramid as of version 1.5
somehow 0.8.3 got zipped with a README.rst instead of a readme.rst
upgrade sdk to 1.8.7
fix setuptools craziness with rod.recipe.appengine by pinning
setuptools in versions.cfg
add flag in supervisor config for devappserver to avoid checking for
sdk updates when it starts up so that the app either comes up or
errors out, not just hangs there waiting for user input that it will
never get.
Slight modification to docs to give an actual opinion on whether to
use virtualenv or not. As in yes, use a virtualenv for less python
packaging pain.
rebuild with all the artifacts (reademe.rst, CHANGES.txt etc.....)
added supervisord scripts to run dev_appserver
App Engine SDK version bumped to 1.8.0
include versions.cfg template for scaffold
bump sdk to 1.7.5
bump pyramid version to 1.4
upgrade to buildout 2.0
added versions.cfg to make managing versions of dependencies easier.
bump sdk version to 1.7.2
adding "unzip=true" to the buildout.cfg template to help out with eggs
that are distributed that way
pinning to pyramid version 1.3
bump SDK version to 1.6.6
0.6: 06-13-2012
changed buildout.cfg to ignore site-packages which should fix a lot of
issues with various namespaces packages that pyramid potentially
depends on. 05-05-2012
doc corrections
upgrading buildout to appengine sdk 1.6.5 and pyramid 1.3
changed application template to not use an ini file because it doesn't
really add any value on appengine, but handling the paste*
dependencies is troublesome for the recipe rod.recipe.appengine under
some circumstances.
This is just the default behavior of course, there's nothing stopping
you from deploying with an ini file if you wish.
0.5.3: 03-27-2012
upgrading buildout to appengine sdk 1.6.4, the first SDK which works
with python2.7.
0.5.2: 03-23-2012
fixes to address github issue #6
usage of project vs package used incorrectly.
0.5.1: 03-21-2012
minor changes to readme.rst
0.5: 03-21-2012
initial release