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A simple ruby wrapper for paypal.


Currently paypal supports the following:

  • Verifying Paypal IPN's
  • MassPay Requests
  • Permissions Service
  • Authentication Service


Paypal.setup do |config|
  config.environment = "sandbox" # replace with "live" in production
  config.api_username = "Replace me with your api username"
  config.api_password = "Replace me with your api password"
  config.api_signature = "Replace me with your api signature"


IPN Modules


class PaypalIpn
  include Paypal::Ipn
  attr_accessor :params

Note: Your class must respond to params and return a hash of paypal ipn parameters

Public methods
  • payment_completed?
  • payment_status
  • txn_id
Private methods
  • verify Verifies the IPN with paypal and returns true or false
  • receiver_email
  • self.txn_type(params)
  • self.masspay_transaction?(params)


class BuyerPaypalIpn
  include Paypal::Ipn::Buyer
  attr_accessor :params
Public methods
  • customer_address Convienence method. e.g. John Smith, 5 Some Street, Some City, Some State, Australia 1234
  • customer_address_name
  • customer_address_street
  • customer_address_city
  • customer_address_state
  • customer_address_zip
  • customer_address_country


class ItemPaypalIpn
  include Paypal::Ipn::Item
  attr_accessor :params
Public methods
  • item_name(index = nil) If index is supplied it will return item_name#index otherwise simply item_name
  • item_number(index = nil)
  • item_quantity(index = nil)
  • number_of_cart_items


class MasspayPaypalIpn
  include Paypal::Ipn::Masspay
  attr_accessor :params

Note: Currently Masspay IPN's only support a single transaction

Public methods
  • payment_status Returns the payment status for the 1st transaction
  • txn_id Returns the transaction id for the 1st transaction
  • payment_unclaimed? Returns whether the payment status for the 1st transaction was unclaimed or not
Private methods
  • unique_id Returns the unique_id for the 1st transaction


class Masspay
  include Paypal::Masspay
  attr_accessor :payment_response

Note: Your class must respond to payment_response and return the payment response as a hash

Public methods
  • successful_payment? Returns whether the masspay request was successful or not. Note: This only tells you if the request was successful or not. You should wait for an IPN to verify the receiver has been paid.
Private methods
  • masspay(payer_email, receiver_email, amount, currency, note, unique_id) Sends a mass pay request from payer_email to receiver_email for amount in currency. The note will appear on the receivers paypal account and the unique_id will be passed back in the Paypal IPN. Returns the response from paypal.

  • payment_error_type Returns :unauthorized or :insufficient_funds for these types of errors otherwise returns :unknown

  • payment_error_message Returns the paypal long error message

Note: Currently Masspay payments only support a single recipient

Permissions Service

class Permissions
  include Paypal::Permissions


  1. Make a call to set_paypal_permissions_url setting the return_url to your application's callback url and with your required_permissions

  2. Redirect the user to that url

  3. When Paypal redirects the user back to your application at return_url make a call to get_paypal_permissions with the token parameter

See below for further details:

Private methods

set_paypal_permissions_url(return_url, required_permissions = {}) Returns a url where the user can sign in to Paypal and authorize the requested permissions. Paypal will then redirect the user to the return_url. Specify required_permissions by supplying a hash in the following format: { :mass_pay => true, :refund_transaction => true, :get_transaction_details => true } First name, Last name and email are always required permissions so you never have to specify these manually.

get_paypal_permissions(token) Returns a hash of user information and permission details for the given token in the following format: { :email => "", :first_name => "Joe", :last_name => "Bloggs", :payer_id => "VK7XZU4BDY79", :permissions => { :mass_pay => true, :refund_transaction => true, :get_transaction_details => true } }


gem install paypal-ipn


Place the following in your Gemfile: gem 'paypal-ipn', :require => 'paypal'

To generate a stub initializer under config/initializers run: rails g paypal:initializer

Copyright (c) 2010 David Wilkie, released under the MIT license