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[TtskchTheme]( is a free and open-source theme for [Jekyll](, licensed under the MIT License.
I'm David and pretty much everything that's interesting about me can be summed up with the keywords from the subtitle :point_up:.
Enjoy! :smiley:
## Christian
I grew up in The Salvation Army and my faith has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember.
More recently I have found myself reassessing the fundamentals of my faith and stripping back everything that didn't matter. It's been a difficult process, because a lot of my life was built on top of that stack and without all the layers it's become a little wobbly while I adjust.
## Father/Husband
:bride_with_veil: I'm married to Lucy, we married in 2008.
:family: In 2011 I became the father of Isaac.
:dog2: In 2015 we "adopted" Willow, our Labrador.
## Geek
I love playing with technology of all kinds. I also love geeking out on how things work. Most of my projects are either about finding how something works or trying to fix something. I'm always trying to fix things... :hammer:
I'm particularly found of:
* Gadgets
* Electric Cars
* Automating
## Programming Wizard
In reality this is just a subset of the above, but I love solving software problems and I'm grateful that I get to do it for money. Last year I left full time employment and became a freelance contractor (see my profiles at [LinkedIn]( and [Stack Overflow](
I'm also a business analyst and I enjoy helping smaller companies with their processes as they go through the growing pains of becoming a medium or large business (see [TwinkleBob Solutions](
## Cornwall
This ties in closely with my faith. We originally moved to Cornwall because we felt we were following a call from God.
We started in Looe but have spent the last 6 years living near Hayle. I've learnt some Kernowek (cornish language) and got involved in local groups. We might not be Cornish, but our son was born here and we've made this home.
I might not be much of a surfer, but I do enjoy getting in the sea when I can. We also enjoy the woods and the moors, Cornwall has so much to offer! [Bryntin](!
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title: Cornwall
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