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Twinleaf I/O C Tools

This package implements a communications protocol in python to work with Twinleaf sensors using Twinleaf I/O (TIO) as the communications layer. Data from the sensors is received via PUB messages and sensor parameters may be changed using REQ/REP messages.

Tools included


The proxy is run on a serial port and serves TCP access to the sensor. Multiple clients may connect to port 7855 and recieve data. The usage is simply:

$ bin/proxy /dev/cu.ttyUSB0

where the serial device varies across platforms. The labview and python clients may simultaneously connect to the proxy server.


If the proxy is already running, simple RPC requests can be performed on the command line or from shell scripts using the rpc_req command:

$ bin/rpc_req 04 00 00 00 u32: 0x00000004 4 s32: 4 f32: 0.000000

The user must know the data type to send a valid RPC request:

$ bin/rpc_req u32:10 $ bin/rpc_req u8:0 $ bin/rpc_req f32:30

This set of commands changed decimation to 10 points, turned off the automatic antialias filter and changed the filter cutoff to 30 Hz.


libtio is an included submodule. Be sure to run git submodule update --init after cloning this repository. The tools compile and run with no dependencies on standard POSIX systems:

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows subsystem for linux


A sockets interface to the sensors is provided. Please review examples and the code to understand its use.


  • proxy automatically changes device into binary mode