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Platform for collecting data about "I like my X like I like my Y, Z" jokes.
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Platform for collecting data about "I like my X like I like my Y, Z" jokes.

A running instance of this platform can be visited on (mirror). The platform is build using MySQL and NodeJS with ExpressJS in the backend, and Bootstrap and AngularJS for the front-end.

Deploying JokeJudger

  1. Set up a MySQL server: This can be done in several ways, depending on the platform. For Windows, WampServer can be used.

  2. Load MySQL database schema: The JokeJudger schema can be found in design > database_diagram.mwb. This schema needs to be imported into the MySQL database.

  3. Install NodeJS: In order to run the JokeJudger server, NodeJS has to be installed.

  4. Set up the environment and run NodeJS: In order for JokeJudger to run, it has to know where the database is. The environment has to contain the following variables with the correct values for the created database: \texttt{MYSQL_HOST}, \texttt{MYSQL_USERNAME}, \texttt{MYSQL_PASSWORD} and \texttt{MYSQL_DATABASE}. Optionally, to allow JokeJudger to send mails when creating an account and allowing users to reset their password, an SMTP server can be linked. linked with the variable \texttt{SMTP_HOST}, \texttt{SMTP_USER} and \texttt{SMTP_PASSWORD}.

Environment variable Description
MYSQL_DATABASE The name of the database schema.
MYSQL_HOST The host of the MySQL database server.
MYSQL_PASSWORD The password to log into the MySQL database.
MYSQL_USERNAME The username to log into the MySQL database.
SMTP_HOST The host of the SMTP server to send mails to users with.
SMTP_PASSWORD The password of the user of the SMTP server.
SMTP_SENDER_MAIL The mail that is used in the 'From' headers of mails send with the platform.
SMTP_USER The username of the user of the SMTP server.
WEBSITE_URL The URL of the website, to be included in the mails send with the platform.

After the environment is set up, the server can be started using the command node server.

JokeJudger Data

We made the data collected by JokeJudger during our research available in a (seperate, public repository)[].

Extending JokeJudger to Other Types of Jokes

The JokeJudger is made for collecting jokes using the "I like my X like I like my Y, Z"-template. As such, jokes are saved as X, Y, Z. In order to collect jokes using any template, several small steps have to be undertaken in order to make the platform look right.

  1. Removing the template application: The jokes service component, which can be found under public > js > services > jokes.js, has to be changed to just return joke.x, as this is where we will save the full joke.

  2. Updating the create page: The create page, found in public > views > create.html should be modified such that the input fields for Y and Z, the generator and the suggestion elements are removed, as they would not make sense any more. The input field of X should also be changed to a text field to a text area, as to allow long jokes.

  3. Updating the database: In the MySQL database header of the jokes table, the type of x needs to be changed to TEXT in order to allow for more jokes longer than 255 characters.

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