A Maltego transforms collection for Twint
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Twint Maltego transforms set

A Maltego transforms collection for Twint

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Since canari profiles are not exportable, you have to compile one for every machine that you will play with. Every machine will need its own.


  • Twint;
  • Elasticsearch;
  • Maltego;
  • canari.

Once those dependencies are installed, you have to package the profile. This set of transforms is almost batteries included so be sure that you are going to connect to the right Elasticsearch instance, edit twint/src/twint/transforms/getTweets.py by your needs. With default setting, the tranforms will connect to a local instance of Elasticsearch (localhost:9200).

Now you have just to package:

  • move to twint/src;
  • run canari create-profile twint (hit y a couple of times).


Import twint.mtz in Maltego and start playing!

Copyrights and Credits

The Twint Project - 2018/19