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TxMongo Documentation Status

TxMongo is an asynchronous Python/Twisted driver for MongoDB that implements the wire protocol on non-blocking sockets. The API derives from the original PyMongo.


Python 2.7, 3.3+ and PyPy MongoDB 2.6+


You can use setuptools to install:

`sh sudo python install `

Docs and examples

Generate them with make docs. You will need sphinx installed. There are some examples in the examples/ directory.


Run make env to create clean hacking environment with virtualenv. Run make to torture your code with tests and code style tools.

Take a look in Makefile for commonly used commands and tools we use to develop.



Packing for debian exists in debian/, you can build yourself a package (remember to update debian/changelog) if you make changes.

`sh dpkg-buildpackage -b `

Then look for the package in your home directory.


`sh rpmbuild -bb python-txmongo.spec `

You might need to download Source0 from the .spec and place it in rpmbuild/SOURCES first.