Spark is a lightweight responsive web design framework with multiple styles.
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Spark is a lightweight, responsive, front-end web design framework with multiple colors and styles and a little Javascript icing.

Update 24/01/2017

The Spark project isn't dead, I've just been busy with a million and one other things. I've started to put together a plan for Spark version 3 and will hopefully begin working on it soon.


The framework comes pre-baked with several color themes that are interchangeable. Currently, the base colors are silver (default), blue, green, orange, red, purple, lime, dragonfruit and new to v2.0: cosmic.


Spark is what we like to call nonintrusive. When you include the css/js files in the head of your HTML file, by default with no extra classes it styles only the bare necessities like font families/weights/sizes/colors, resets etc. While it may require slightly more markup than other frameworks to use theme elements, it’s much easier to customize elements with the default all-in Spark rather than having to call big long selector lists to override. And that’s why we started it.


The whole basis of Spark is to keep things simple. Simple to use and simple to customize. We’ve got plans to make it even simpler but let’s take things one step at a time.

The Project

The project lives here and at where you can find detailed documentation on how to use it.


Spark is versioned using Semantic Versioning.

Getting Started

Download the latest release from Inside the zip archive file you’ll find the following directories/files:

  • css/ contains both the development and minified Spark CSS files
  • js/ contains both development and minified Spark JS files (spark, modal and notifier) as well as html5shiv.js (HTML5 support in IE8)
  • font/ contains the excellent FontAwesome webfont (included in Spark)
  • less/ the LESS files for building Spark using the LESS compiler (Spark LESS files, FontAwesome LESS files and a handy vendors LESS file with functions for adding vendor prefixes to CSS3 properties in less/classes)
  • templates/ some simple templates to get you started with Spark
  • LICENSE is Spark’s license file, under the MIT license
  • is this file.

Author & Copyright

Spark is © 2013-2014 Scott Fotheringham at Pixelbend Studios LTD., released under the MIT license.