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Droppel is a command line tool which persists files anywhere you want on your drive using Google Drive or Dropbox. Droppel allows you to have the same file on two or more different machines (or different places on one machine) without the need to have the file reside inside of the Drive or Dropbox folders.


npm install -g droppel


To begin persisting a file, simply do droppel FILE_NAME

To persist a file that has been persisted from another machine, use the same command.

For example, on machine 1, you want to persist myfile.txt: droppel myfile.txt

Then, go to machine 2, and in whatever directory you want: droppel myfile.txt

You have now persisted the same file across two machines and different locations!


You may need to configure droppel to know where your machine's Dropbox or Drive folders are, or to change which service is used. By default, Drive is used.

droppel --config --drive /usr/someone/Google Drive will set the drive location to /usr/someone/Google drive

droppel --config --service dropbox will set the service to dropbox

droppel --config --directory my-files will place all persisted files inside the folder "my-files" within your preferred service.


To unlink files, droppel --unlink myfile.txt. This will delete your file!