Developer Rig for Twitch Extensions
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Twitch Extensions Developer Rig

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Quickstart to Running the Developer Rig

Take these steps to get the Rig running:

  1. If you already have Git installed, clone the Rig. Otherwise, download and extract the Zip file.
  2. Open the scripts folder in the developer-rig folder.
  3. Double-click the configure file on Mac, configure.cmd file on Windows. The first time you run the script it will take a while since it will install and configure all of the dependencies.
  4. Double-click the run file on Mac, run.cmd file on Windows. Alternatively, open a terminal, navigate to the root folder of the Developer Rig on your machine, and enter yarn start.

Once in the Rig, sign in with your Twitch credentials and create your first Extension Project. Learn more here.


I’m sure my Developer Rig configuration is correct, but my extension doesn’t work

Clear your browser cache and local storage and restart the Developer Rig.

To delete the Rig's local storage open the javascript console in your browser on a tab with the Rig open and enter localStorage.clear() then refresh.

Ensure you've included the Twitch Extensions Helper in your front-end files.

When setting up the Rig on Windows 10, my system settings do not allow me to run scripts downloaded from the internet

Make sure to adjust your security settings to “Developer Mode” in the “For Developers” section of your System Settings.

I get an error when trying to run yarn test

Sometimes deleting the node_modules directory and running yarn fixes this issue.

On macOS, you may need to explicitly install Watchman via brew install watchman.

yarn install fails in libssh2

See issue #48. Be sure libssh and its dependencies are installed.

I get an error when pulling in the example project

Ensure that Git is in your PATH variables by trying to run git at your command line. If that works, also ensure that the local folder does not currently exist.

I created my extension manifest on the Twitch dev site but can’t find my front-end files

If you created your extension manifest on the Twitch dev site, you must specify your Base Testing URI as This field is discussed under Asset Hosting, in Releasing & Maintaining an Extension.