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Nexus is a Lambda engine, Slack/IRC aggregator, configurable dashboard, and more for the meandering hacker/developer.

The lambda engine has lots of awesome baked-in capabilities:

  • APIs for
    • Making and recieving Web requests.
    • Reading/writing files from any associated storage buckets / system.
    • Saving/querying information to/from a structured data store.
    • Saving/retrieving from a key-value store.
    • Sending Emails.
    • Anything you can think of! Making new APIs is very easy.
  • To assist development / monitoring there is a full logging system, with automatic deletion after 28 days.
  • Lambda's are triggered by
    • A Schedule (cronspec)
    • HTTP request
    • Manually
  • Lambdas can be trivially and rapidly created in Javascript using the builtin editor, complete with autocomplete.
  • Logs and run explorer

Other features:

  • Message aggregator presents all your Slack channels and IRC channels in a single interface, staying connected persistently and saving all messages in it's database.
  • Can automatically fetch and manage SSL certificates using LetsEncrypt, and will automatically renew them as they expire.
  • Can automatically backup the database to S3 on a schedule.
  • Fully customizable dashboard
    • Supports cards, lists, graphs etc, all beautifully and extensively styled.
    • Dashboard can be updated by Lambda's via the file system.
  • A flexible authentication system supports password and OTP authentication, and any combination thereof.

Getting Started

Download and build

Please make sure you have Go 1.8 or greater installed.

git clone
cd nexus
export GOPATH=`pwd`
go build nexus/serv
go build nexus/maintenance-tool

Setup the first account

Both of these commands will prompt you for information.

./maintenance-tool createuser
./maintenance-tool resetauth

Run the server!

Simple example:

./serv --listener :8080

More complicated, automatically fetching a LetsEncrypt certificate and running over HTTPS:

./serv --key-cache /etc/ --listener :443 --domains

Wishlist / TODO

  • Ability to initiate DMs in the messenger.
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