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from twitter.common import log
except ImportError:
import logging as log
from import GroupInterface
from twitter.common.zookeeper.client import ZooKeeper
from import (
def pick_zkpython_group(zk, on_join, on_leave):
# The default underlying implementation is Group if no active monitoring
# is requested of the ServerSet. If active monitoring is requested by
# on_join or on_leave, then use ActiveGroup by default, which has better
# performance on monitor/iter calls.
if isinstance(zk, ZooKeeper):
return Group if (on_join is None and on_leave is None) else ActiveGroup
except ImportError as e:
def pick_zkpython_group(zk, on_join, on_leave):
return None
from kazoo.client import KazooClient
from import ActiveKazooGroup, KazooGroup
def pick_kazoo_group(zk, on_join, on_leave):
if isinstance(zk, KazooClient):
return KazooGroup if (on_join is None and on_leave is None) else ActiveKazooGroup
except ImportError as e:
def pick_kazoo_group(zk, on_join, on_leave):
return None
GROUP_SELECTORS = [pick_zkpython_group, pick_kazoo_group]
from .endpoint import ServiceInstance
def first(iterable):
for element in iterable:
if element:
return element
def validate_group_implementation(underlying):
assert issubclass(underlying, GroupInterface), (
'Underlying group implementation must be a subclass of GroupInterface, got %s'
% type(underlying))
class ServerSet(object):
A dynamic set of service endpoints tracked by Zookeeper.
def __init__(self, zk, path, underlying=None, on_join=None, on_leave=None, **kwargs):
Construct a ServerSet at :path given zookeeper handle :zh.
If :underlying is specified, use that as the underlying Group implementation. Must be a
subclass of
If :on_join is specified, it will be called with a ServiceInstance object every time a
new service joins the ServerSet. If :on_leave is specified, it will be called with
a ServiceInstance object every time a server leaves the ServerSet.
All remaining arguments are passed to the underlying Group implementation.
underlying = underlying or first(
pick_group(zk, on_join, on_leave) for pick_group in GROUP_SELECTORS)
if underlying is None:
raise ValueError("Couldn't find a suitable group implementation!")
self._path = path
self._group = underlying(zk, path, **kwargs)
def devnull(*args, **kw): pass
self._on_join = on_join or devnull
self._on_leave = on_leave or devnull
self._members = {}
if on_join or on_leave:
def join(self, endpoint, additional=None, shard=None, callback=None, expire_callback=None):
Given 'endpoint' (twitter.common.zookeeper.serverset.Endpoint) and an
optional map 'additional' of string => endpoint (also Endpoint), and an
optional shard id, create a ServiceInstance and join it into this ServerSet.
If 'callback' is provided, the join will be done asynchronously and
'callback' will be called with the Membership object associated with
the ServiceInstance. If joining fails, Membership.error() will be
returned. If 'callback' is not provided, join will return with this
information synchronously.
If 'expire_callback' is provided, it will be called if the membership
is severed for any reason such as session expiration or malice.
service_instance = ServiceInstance.pack(ServiceInstance(endpoint, additional, shard=shard))
return self._group.join(service_instance, callback=callback, expire_callback=expire_callback)
def cancel(self, membership, callback=None):
"""Cancel membership in the ServerSet."""
return self._group.cancel(membership, callback=callback)
def __iter__(self):
"""Iterate over the services (ServiceInstance objects) in this ServerSet."""
for member in self._group.list():
yield ServiceInstance.unpack(,
except Exception as e:
log.warning('Failed to deserialize endpoint: %s' % e)
def _internal_monitor(self, members):
cached = set(self._members)
new_members = members - cached
old_members = cached - members
for service_instance in map(self._members.pop, old_members):
def make_callback(member_id):
def callback(service_instance):
self._members[member_id] = ServiceInstance.unpack(service_instance)
except Exception as e:
log.warning('Failed to deserialize endpoint: %s' % e)
return callback
for member_id in new_members:, make_callback(member_id))
self._group.monitor(members, self._internal_monitor)
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