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fizx commented Jan 4, 2011

I added splitting integration tests. Re-pulling against master, not multi_cluster

robey commented Jan 5, 2011

just import mutable, not both mutable and mutable.ListBuffer.

space on line 45, "while ("

won't this have the side effect of making old copy jobs fail? (they won't have a destination_shard that the copy job can parse.) i guess this changes the api too. i guess that's okay since we're bumping to 1.6 and all the servers will have to change anyway.

line 49 is eeeeeevil! you know that will cause a reflection call, right? :) i guess it doesn't matter in this rarely-called code, but eeeeeeevil!

looks good aside from the 2 code style fixes.

fizx commented Jan 5, 2011

Robey: which line 49?

robey commented Jan 5, 2011

the one with the cast-to-existential-type. :)

xeno-by commented Mar 16, 2017

Thank you for your contribution! Twitter has decided to stop supporting Gizzard as an open source project. Sorry that your pull requests was not reviewed earlier.
We're now formally archiving this project but please feel free to fork and resurrect.

@xeno-by xeno-by closed this Mar 16, 2017
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