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The indentation from github's commit diff seems to be wrong, but the actual indentation in the file is ok. Also, I've added to .gitignore the files and folders that emacs' ensime generates.


Sorry for the slow response. The formatting issue is because your patch uses tabs -- we'd prefer spaces only.

For the tests related to stats, I don't see much benefit in pattern:

for(i <- 0 to 2) i match {
  case 0 => ...
  case 1 => ...
  case 2 => ...

I think it's just confusing. If you call toMap on the result of dumpStats, you could loose the for block and replace it with 3 lines that look like:

stats("put_items") mustEqual "0"

I don't think the order of the stats is of particular importance.


Sorry, I am just starting out with Scala so I am not yet writing idiomatic code - I thought adding some specs to kestrel is a good starting point. Anyways, the code is much cleaner now using a map instead of that pattern and hopefully the tabs are now replaced by spaces.

@zuercher zuercher merged commit 8c25aff into twitter-archive:master Aug 23, 2012

Always happy for more tests. Thanks!

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