Cleanup ItemIdList test && ensime-sbt-cmd added #110

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rvoicilas added some commits Aug 31, 2012
@rvoicilas rvoicilas Add ensime-sbt-cmd as a sbt plugin
This automatically adds 'ensime generate' command to sbt (which will
write an .ensime file to the project's root directory)
@rvoicilas rvoicilas Move ItemIdListSpec out of KestrelHandlerSpec
- have ItemIdListSpec in its own file
- make tests more simple and readable

this should probably be iil.popAll() mustEqual seq -- otherwise the failure message would report the wrong sequence as the expected values.

Didn't know that, I kind of tried to simulate assertEquals(expected, actual), but it seems it's not the case with Scala Specs.


i believe you can leave this off -- a new instance of the spec should be instantiated for each test, iirc; and if that's true then iil should be a val

Agreed, that should be fixed now.


looks like this test got dropped from your version

I dropped these tests on purpose as most of what they were testing was already tested in smaller, more readable tests within the spec. But I agree that combining various scenarios, even though leads to a more complex tests, can be beneficial. I added this tests back in a separate commit.


looks like this test got dropped from your version

@zuercher zuercher merged commit d3dbb89 into twitter-archive:master Sep 6, 2012
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