sbt rules for generating source stubs out of thrift IDLs, for java & scala
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Sbt-thrift is an sbt plugin that adds a mixin for doing thrift code auto-generation during your compile phase. Choose one of these three:

  • CompileThriftFinagle - create the java bindings with alternative async interfaces for finagle, in target/gen-java/
  • CompileThriftJava - create just the java bindings, in target/gen-java/
  • CompileThriftPhp - create just the PHP bindings, in target/gen-php/
  • CompileThriftPython - create just the python bindings, in target/gen-py/ (or target/gen-py.twisted/)
  • CompileThriftRuby - create just the ruby bindings, in target/gen-ruby/
  • CompileThriftScala - do CompileThriftFinagle and CompileThriftRuby, but also generate scala wrappers and implicit conversions in target/gen-scala/

Scala Thrift Generation

CompileThriftScala implements a way of generating a Scala-wrapper for a Finagle Thrift service by using JRuby to inspect thrift-generated ruby code. It is therefore necessary for input thrift files to specify ruby and java namespace rules. If the java namespace is not specified in a CompileThriftScala object, it is assumed to be _scala-namespace_.thrift. In order to specify these namespaces, project specifications must provide a list of ThriftNamespaces, as follows:

import sbt._
import com.twitter.sbt._

 * Describes a scala project that relies on two Thrift IDLs, to be compiled to two different namespaces.
class TaxesProject(info: ProjectInfo)
  extends StandardServiceProject(info)
  with CompileThriftScala
  def finagleVersion = "1.2.5"
  def finagleCore = "com.twitter" % "finagle-core" % finagleVersion
  def finagleThrift = "com.twitter" % "finagle-thrift" % finagleVersion
  def finagleOstrich = "com.twitter" % "finagle-ostrich4" % finagleVersion

  def thriftNamespaces =
    new ThriftNamespace("Calculator", "gov.irs.taxes.calculator") // Java namespace inferred to be gov.irs.taxes.calculator.thrift
:: new ThriftNamespace( "EZFile", "gov.irs.taxes.ezfile.nondefaultthriftnamespace", "gov.irs.taxes.ezfile")
    :: Nil