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Add specs for URLs with embedded, matched parentheses and URLs embded…

…ded within matched parentheses
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hoverbird committed Jul 9, 2010
1 parent 7be56b7 commit 9acf952d60be4d89a6bd8151c14698ca485b5aa1
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@@ -147,6 +147,18 @@ tests:
text: "text ("
expected: "text (<a href=\"\"></a>)"
+ - description: "Autolink url with path surrounded by parentheses"
+ text: "text ("
+ expected: "text (<a href=\"\"></a>)"
+ - description: "Autolink url with embedded parentheses"
+ text: "text is an IIS thing"
+ expected: "text (<a href=\"\"></a>)"
+ - description: "Autolink url should NOT capture unbalanced parens"
+ text: "Parenthetically bad thing"
+ expected: "Parenthetically bad <a href=\"\"></a>) thing"
- description: "Autolink url containing unicode characters"
text: "I enjoy Macintosh Brand computers: http://✪"
expected: "I enjoy Macintosh Brand computers: <a href=\"http://✪\">http://✪</a>"
@@ -278,7 +290,7 @@ tests:
- description: "Autolink URL should autolink a domain with a valid dash"
text: "Is a valid URL?"
expected: "Is <a href=\"\"></a> a valid URL?"
- description: "Autolink URL should link search urls (with &lang=, not &lang;)"
text: "Check out"
expected: "Check out <a href=\"\"></a>"

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