A sample gizzard application
Scala Ruby Shell
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To build project:

    % env DB_USERNAME=<user> DB_PASSWORD=<pass> sbt package-dist

To run tests:

    % env DB_USERNAME=<user> DB_PASSWORD=<pass> sbt test

To run the development server:

    % ./bin/rowz <db user>

To setup a simple forwarding table (while dev server is running):

    % gem install gizzmo
    % ./bin/setup

Play with a client:

    % sbt console

    scala> import com.twitter.rowz.RowzClient

    scala> val c = new RowzClient("localhost")
    c: com.twitter.rowz.RowzClient = com.twitter.rowz.RowzClient@5c08e00d

    scala> c.create("a row")
    res0: Long = 5335423358337025

    scala> c.read(res0)
    res1: com.twitter.rowz.thrift.Row = Row(id:5335423358337025, name:a row, created_at:1302593593679, updated_at:1302593593679)