Use a MurmurHash instead of MD5 for HyperLogLog #8

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Cryptographic hashes are often slower than non-cryptographic. And MD5 suffers from known collision problems.

I've been using MurmurHash in my hyperloglog impl with good results. Scala is not my language of choice, but I'd provide a patch if you guys wanted.


Sure. That would be great. We're mostly on hadoop where the cost is due to IO and this is not a bottleneck, but elsewhere it may be.

I'd love a patch for 128 bit murmur (hopefully without pulling in a giant set of dependencies).


Yeah, I'm not taking a Guava as dependency here. If someone wants to extract the Murmur128 implementation, that's fine. That said, I've heard that md5 is only like 2-3x slower, and given that I doubt the actual hashing is the bottleneck, I'd like to make sure we don't increase build complexity for a hypothetical gain.

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It's also not self contained... e.g., extends org.apache.hadoop.util.hash.Hash


There is an old MurmurHash implementation for 32 bits in the scala library, and it looks like they're writing a newer one for 2.10 called MurmurHash3. Not sure how much hacking it would require, but at the very least you would need to change their magic numbers, which are all 4 bytes.


Done with: #69

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