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Generated pig-0.11 doesn't contain my own patch? #40

SarahMohamed opened this Issue Aug 27, 2012 · 6 comments

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I've applied ambrose patches to pig-0.10, I build ambrose and it works fine, then I have my own patch, I successfully applied it to Pig-0.10 "containing ambrose patches" I rebuild the ambrose project, then I attempt to add my functions in the ambrose code, but It says functions are not defined, so the generated pig-0.11 "from: mvn package" after applying my patch seems doesn't have my changes. Is there something I miss ?


Any ideas @billonahill ?

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Hi @SarahMohamed,

The latest version of Ambrose no longer requires any manual patches to Pig-- The Ambrose maven build references a Pig 0.11.0 SNAPSHOT artifact which includes all required functionality.

Are you having any trouble with a regular mvn package using the latest code from master?


Hi @sagemintblue,

I have no problem with Ambrose nor "mvn package", my problem is: I'm adding some code to Ambrose, but before I must apply a patch file to Pig, So, I simply added Pig.jar to Ambrose project and It was fine, But I'm asking if there is a way to have my code included in Pig 0.11.0 SNAPSHOT ?

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I see. So it sounds like you have a custom pig jar you'd like to use in place of the pig snapshot jar ambrose includes in its build.

I assume your updates to Ambrose rely on the modifications to Pig, so to build successfully, you may have to run mvn install:install-file to get your new pig jar into your local maven repository ~/.m2/repository such that the Ambrose build will pick it up during compilation.

Check out for details on that command.

You may also want to give your pig snapshot jar a custom version, like "0.11.0-SM-SNAPSHOT", and update ambrose pom.xml apache.pig.version property to match just to be sure ambrose build is getting the right artifact.


Yes, exactly that's what I want.

It worked, Thank you very much.

@SarahMohamed SarahMohamed reopened this Aug 30, 2012
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Closing this issue. Please open a new issue if you run into another problem. Thanks!

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