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# 0.7.1
* make the finagle stats receiver configurable
* fix heterogenous batches [kyle]
* upgrade to finagle 1.4.3
# 0.7.0
* Add FakeCassandra for testing cassie-based apps
# 0.6.2
* lots of scaladoc
* some minor interface changes (caused by documenting the code)
* add EachQuorum and LocalQuorum consistency levels
* README update
* made the methods for overriding typing on CF private. if you want to use a different type, copy the CF instance
* added ability for batch mutations across column families
# 0.5.3
* assorted fixes to build/publishing
# 0.5.2
* fix bug in remapping clusters
# 0.5.1
* replace dependency on util with util-core (robey)
# 0.5.0
* you can now set a connection timeout
* support for counter column families
* clocks are no longer configurable. everyone gets MicrosecondEpochClock
* fix bug where timer thread wouldn't shut down
* better error handling when re-mapping clusters
* better testing around encoding ints and longs
* ostrich4 support
* an api for deletions at a given timestamp (good for backfilling)
* moved to subprojects
* basic hadoop output support
# 0.3.0 [2011-03-04]
* ttl support. Column now takes a ttl as a Duration
* retries now defaults to 0. this is both less surprising and works around a bug in fingagle where retries >= maxConnectionsPerHost (with 1 host)
* switch to builder pattern for Column
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