Latest commit a4fb640 Nov 5, 2015 @pcolby pcolby Fix-up comments on the SMPP error code constants
It looks like these were extracted from Table 5-2 of the SMPP Protocol
Specification v3.4 using some sort of script / automation, and that
extraction got messed up from the `STATUS_INVCMDID` constant onwards,
such that thereafter the constants' comments were placed _after_ the
constant, not before.

This change simply moves the relevant constants to their correct
location, _before_ their relevant constants, consistent with the class'
other constants.  The diff is a bit messy, which can't be helped, but
the constants themselves (names and values) are not changed.

For interest, the broken layout existed in the very first commit of
the `` file (e6965ae)
which was an "initial export of svn repo for public release".