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# Enables support for a docker container-based build
# which should provide faster startup times and beefier
# "machines". This is also required in order to use the
# cache configured below.
sudo: false
# The `ivydata-*.properties` & root level `*.{properties,xml}` files'
# effect on resolution time is in the noise, but they are
# re-timestamped in internal comments and fields on each run and this
# leads to travis-ci cache thrash. Kill these files before the cache
# check to avoid un-needed cache re-packing and re-upload (a ~100s
# operation).
- find $HOME/.ivy2/twitter-commons -type f -name "ivydata-*.properties" -print -delete
- rm -fv $HOME/.ivy2/twitter-commons/*.{css,properties,xml,xsl}
# The stats cache contains timestamped reports unused by CI but that
# thrash the cache. Skip caching these.
- rm -rf $HOME/.cache/pants/stats
- $HOME/.cache/pants
- $HOME/.ivy2/twitter-commons
language: java
- oraclejdk8
script: |
java -version