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; All of the following are seeded with defaults in the config
; user: the current user
; homedir: the current user's home directory
; buildroot: the root of this repo
; pants_bootstrapdir: the global pants scratch space primarily used for caches
; pants_supportdir: pants support files for this repo go here; for example: ivysettings.xml
; pants_distdir: user visible artifacts for this repo go here
; pants_workdir: the scratch space used to for live builds in this repo
pants_version: 1.3.0
plugins: [
# Enable our own custom loose-source plugins.
pythonpath: [
backend_packages: +[
; Mixed into all cache keys. Bump this to invalidate all existing artifacts.
; Note: If you want to experiment with this locally without affecting artifacts
; read by all, change it to some other string, e.g., <number>-<your username>.
cache_key_gen_version: '100'
checkstyle_suppression_files = [
jvm_options: ['-Xmx1g', '-XX:MaxPermSize=256m']
# For [idea] and [eclipse] sections
python_source_paths: ['src/python']
python_test_paths: ['tests/python']
python_lib_paths: ['3rdparty/python']
# TODO: See:
baseurls: ['']
ivy_profile: %(pants_supportdir)s/ivy/ivy.xml
ivy_settings: %(pants_supportdir)s/ivy/ivysettings.xml
cache_dir: %(homedir)s/.ivy2/twitter-commons
service_deps: {
'java': [
'scala': [
structs_deps: {
'java': [
'scala': [
strict: False
verbose: True
version: 0.5.0-finagle
gen_options_map: {'hashcode': ''}
deps: ['3rdparty/jvm/org/apache/thrift:thrift-0.5.0']
service_deps: ['3rdparty/jvm/org/apache/thrift:thrift-0.5.0-finagle']
version: 2.4.1
javadeps: ['3rdparty/jvm/com/google/protobuf:protobuf-%(version)s']
configuration: %(pants_supportdir)s/checkstyle/coding_style.xml
properties: {
'checkstyle.suppression.files': ','.join(%(checkstyle_suppression_files)s)
config: %(buildroot)s/build-support/scalastyle/scalastyle_config.xml
; TODO(John Sirois): The excludes are currently global for all scala files but
; they should be trimmed back or eliminated when scalastyle is restricted to
; non code-gen targets:
excludes: %(buildroot)s/build-support/scalastyle/excludes.txt
skip: True
jvm_options: [
'-Xmx2g', '-XX:MaxPermSize=256m', '-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC', '-XX:ParallelGCThreads=4',
args: [
'-C-encoding', '-CUTF-8',
'-S-encoding', '-SUTF-8',
warning_args: [
# request warnings for$
no_warning_args: [
unused_deps: ignore
platforms: {
'java7': {
'target': 7
default_platform: java7
maximum_version: 1.7.999
options: ['-Xmx1g', '-XX:MaxPermSize=256m', '-Dscala.usejavacp=true']
options: [
'-Djava.awt.headless=true', '-Xmx1g', '-XX:MaxPermSize=256m',
# Needed for emma instrumenter to work against classfiles generated by java 7 compilers
version: 2.10
# We only support commons python code running under 2.7 for now with 3.3+ support to be added later.
interpreter_constraints: ['CPython>=2.7,<3']
resolver_allow_prereleases: True
# The custom repo is only needed for antlr-python-runtime.
repos: ['']
# TODO: Fix undeclared dependencies and then re-enable.
skip: True
suppress: %(pants_supportdir)s/pythonstyle/suppression.txt