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Commits on Feb 13, 2012
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
  1. This month brings the release candidate for a new pants build system …

    John Sirois committed
    …and many additions and improvements to the python application framework.
      + Add support for excluding java or scala from ide configurations
      + Fix idea checkstyle integration to include all suppression files
      + Support forward references in BUILD files
      + Fixup eclipse support so that the generated project recognizes any annotation_processors
      + Add a PANTS_DEV option to run pants straight from the repo sources to ease the pants dev cycle
      + Cache git build info to avoid running expensive git commands on every build
      + Add marker files for checkstyle runs to eliminate unnecessary checkstyle invocations
      + Add a doc target that supports conversion of markdown to html and nesting other doc dependencies
      + Added support for subcommands and ini file based flag defaulting for subcommands
      + Added support for installable modules and provide logging and an http server in this form
      + Added jvm Amount analog along with a metrics module and /vars HTTP handler
      + Add glog style log file rolling
      + Added an Atlassian Confluence wiki posting component
      + Upgrade pytest to 2.6
      + Resource pool implementation
      + Added caching support to pants python builds
      + Basic ServerSet client
      + Improvements to java classfile parser
      + Add a file tailer
      + Support PEX_INHERIT_PATH to allow a pex to inherit the PYTHONPATH
      Upgrade to guava 11.0.1, zookeeper 3.3.4 and finaglized thrift compiler
        + Implement a local service registry for startup actions, use this to boot the HTTP server
        + Several fixes and improvements to ShutdownRegistry ands its integration with AppLauncher
        + ExecutorServiceShutdown to encapsulate an orderly shutdown of an ExecutorService
        + @Positional Arg<List<T>> is now supported for gathering positional args
        + Added a twitter util Duration parser that uses Amount<Long, Time> syntax
        + Added a RangeParser to parse guava Ranges
        + Added support for registering custom Parsers and Verifiers globally via annotations+apt
        + Add CanExecute Verifier for files
        + Introduce a CachingSupplier
        + Now has a public artifact: com.twitter.common#objectsize
        + Refactor to be parameterizable to arbitrary JVM memory layouts by the user
        + Added simple TypeToken based on guice's TypeLiteral but without the dependency burden
        + Added ReservoirSampler - an implementation of
        + Added Elapsed counting stat that reports the time since it was reset.
        + Added a /vars handler that exports data in JSON format and sort /vars text handler output
        + Added per pool gc cycle count and gc time, fd stats and more thread stats to JvmStats
        + Percentile improvements including support for multiple sampling windows
        + TearDownRegistry to adapt a TearDownTestCase to an ShutdownRegistry used for shutdowns
        + Add a TokenStream(De)Serializer for serialization of TokenStreams and arbitrary attributes
        + Better definitions of punctuation
        + Rename PossetiveTokenCombiner to PossessiveContractionTokenCombiner and modify it to combine tokens in contraction form.
        + Implement JapaneseGomokuTokenizer, and remove JapaneseMeCabTokenizer
        + Utilities for working with temporary files and directories
        + The com.twitter.common#zookeeper jar has been broken up into one jar per major component
Commits on Mar 16, 2011
  1. Add for the open-source project.

    John Sirois committed
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