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The checkstyle checks configured for the build use some custom rules built with the target
'src/java/com/twitter/common/checkstyle'.  To develop new checkstyle rules or fix
existing custom rules, the following workflow is reccomended:
1.) Pick a target that has source code you'd like to test your new rule
against - say 'src/java/com/twitter/common/base:base' and temporarily add
pants('src/java/com/twitter/common/checkstyle') to its dependencies list.  This will
place the rule you are fixing or developing early on the checkstyle classpath.
2.) Code your rule and run the test target until the rule works in the way you
3.) send out a review with your rule changes/additions
4.) When you get ship it, submit and push a new checkstyle jar then update
build-support/profiles/checkstyle-5.5.ivy.xml with the new custom check jar revision and send
another review.

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