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Add build config for Travis CI #127

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Let's see if Finagle can pass green outside of Twitter?



Funny, I've actually been working on this today too...


I believe there's an issue of Travis not supporting 64bit VMs so we're dead in the water ATM


Speaking of the devil! :+1:

Strange... what happens if you make Travis build it with maven instead of sbt? If that's relevant?


We should just adjust the options in sbt. There's no reason this can't run on a 32-bit JVM.


@mariusaeriksen, is there a reason we should even bundle SBT?

I think it's reasonable to expect people to have it installed locally.


@caniszczyk yes. First, we're not actually bundling sbt; the included sbt script is a bootstrapping script. So, in order to build these projects, all that is required is a JRE install. Pretty nice.

But more importantly: sbt versioning is really confusing. You might have the simultaneous need of sbts 0.7.x, 0.11.x, 0.12.x. And not only that, sbt will output only cryptic errors if you use one sbt version when you should have used another.

Simply being able to build finagle with

$ ./sbt compile

is a wonderfully simple thing, in my mind.


[info] Loading project definition from /home/travis/builds/eirslett/finagle/project

19[info] Updating {file:/home/travis/builds/eirslett/finagle/project/}default-d291f6...

20[info] Resolving com.twitter#sbt-package-dist;1.0.5 ...

21[warn] module not found: com.twitter#sbt-package-dist;1.0.5


This change is very similar to #252 which will be merged shortly. Closing for now, thanks for kicking this off!

@mosesn mosesn closed this

Better late than never.

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