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New Features

  • finagle-commons-stats: Provide a TwitterServer exporter for commons stats.
    This simplifies migration for folks who don't want to switch to
    commons metrics and TwitterServer in one go. It will export stats on the
    /vars.json endpoint. RB_ID=902921
  • finagle-http: Introduce HeaderMap.getOrNull(header), a Java-friendly variant of
    HeaderMap.get(header).orNull. RB_ID=904093

Breaking API Changes

  • finagle: finagle-http-compat has been removed as part of migration off Netty 3. Use
    finagle-http types/APIs directly. RB_ID=903647

  • finagle: finagle-spdy has been removed as part of the migration off Netty 3. Please
    use finagle-http2 as a replacement. RB_ID=906033

  • finagle-base-http: Message.write(ChannelBuffer) has been replaced with a method that
    receives a Buf. The semantics of calling the write method on chunked messages has
    changed from potentially throwing an exception based on the state of the Writer to
    always throwing an IllegalStateException. Existing users of the write(..) methods
    on chunked messages should use the Writer directly. RB_ID=900091

  • fingle-base-http: HeaderMap.getAll(key) now returns a Seq[String] as opposed to a
    Iterable[String]. RB_ID=905019

  • finagle-core: The ChannelTransport implementations which transforms a Netty pipeline into
    a finagle Transport[Req, Rep] have been specialized to Transport[Any, Any] to avoid the
    illusion of a runtime checked cast. Transport.cast has been changed to receive either a
    Class[T] or an implicit Manifest[T] in order to check the inbound cast at runtime. For users
    of the ChannelTransport types, use the Transport.cast method to get a Transport of the right
    type. RB_ID=902053

  • finagle-memcached: Remove deprecated methods on c.t.f.memcached.Client:

    • apply(group: Group[SocketAddress])
    • apply(cluster: Cluster[SocketAddress])

    Use c.t.f.Memcached.client to create a Memcached client. RB_ID=899331

  • finagle-toggle: ToggleMap Toggles now rehash the inputs to
    apply and isDefinedAt in order to promote a relatively even
    distribution even when the inputs do not have a good distribution.
    This allows users to get away with using a poor hashing function
    such as String.hashCode. RB_ID=899195


  • finagle-base-http: Deprecate c.t.f.http.MapHeaderMap as it will
    soon be private. Use c.t.f.http.HeaderMap.apply(..) to get a HeaderMap
    instance. RB_ID=906497

  • finagle-base-http: Deprecate c.t.f.http.HeaderMap += (String, Date).
    Use c.t.f.http.HeaderMap.set(String, Date) instead. RB_ID=906497

  • finagle-base-http: Deprecate c.t.f.http.Message.ContentTypeWwwFrom.
    Use c.t.f.http.Message.ContentTypeWwwForm instead. RB_ID=901041

  • finagle-base-http: Deprecate c.t.f.http.Message.headers(). Use
    c.t.f.http.Message.headerMap instead. RB_ID=905019

  • finagle-base-http: Deprecate the lazy response: Response field on the Request type.
    This field is potentially hazardous as it's not necessarily the Response that will
    be returned by a Service but it is often used as such. Construct a Response using
    the static constructor methods. RB_ID=899983

  • finagle-base-http: Numerous protected[finagle] methods on http.Request and
    http.Response that deal in Netty 3 types have been deprecated as part of the
    migration to Netty 4. RB_ID=905761

  • finagle-http: Deprecate ValidateRequestFilter which now has limited utility.
    See entry in Runtime Behavior Changes. If this is still needed, copy the remaining
    behavior into a new filter. RB_ID=899895

  • finagle-memcached: Deprecate methods on c.t.f.memcached.Client:

    • apply(name: Name)
    • apply(host: String)

    Use c.t.f.Memcached.client to create a Memcached client. `RB_ID=899331``

  • finagle-memcached: Deprecate c.t.f.memcached.protocol.text.Memcached object.
    Use c.t.f.Memcached.client to create Memcached clients. RB_ID=899009

  • finagle-memcached: Deprecations on c.t.f.memcached.util.ParserUtils:

    • For isDigits(ChannelBuffer) use ParserUtils.isDigits(Buf) instead.
    • DIGITS
    • DigitsPattern


Runtime Behavior Changes

  • finagle-http: The HTTP client will no longer emit a Netty 3/4 TooLongFrameException when
    a response exceeds the specified MaxResponseSize parameter, and instead emits a Finagle
    specific TooLongMessageException which wraps the Netty exception. RB_ID=905567
  • finagle-http: ValidateRequestFilter doesn't look for the uri "/bad-http-request" which
    had been indicative of the netty3 http codec giving up on decoding a http request. These
    events are caught lower in the pipeline and should not bubble up to the level of this
    filter. RB_ID=899895
  • finagle-netty4: DirectToHeapHandler is now aware of ByteBufHolder types hence can copy
    them on to heap. RB_ID=906602
  • finagle-redis: Transport implementation is now based on Netty 4 (instead of Netty 3).

Bug Fixes

  • finagle-core: Properly compute length when converting a Buf.ByteArray
    to a Netty 4 ByteBuf. RB_ID=901605
  • finagle-memcached: AtomicMap change lock function to synchronize on map
    object. DIFF_ID=D18735
  • finagle-netty4: Fixed connection stall in Finagle clients configured with
    both HTTP proxy (Transporter.HttpProxyTo) and TLS/SSL enabled. RB_ID=904831
  • finagle-netty4: Fixed connection stall in Finagle clients configured with
    both HTTP proxy (Transporter.HttpProxy) and TLS/SSL enabled. RB_ID=904803