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Fast, testable, Scala services built on Twitter-Server and Finagle
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The examples all hardcode filenames even though logback supports
being able to parameterize configuration via setting System
properties. We don't show this utility in the examples as we did
not want users to NEED to set the -D args.

Update the examples logback configurations to allow setting the
filenames via -D args with defaults in the cases where the -D
args are not passed.

More dynamic logback configuration and better examples.

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Fast, testable, Scala services built on Twitter-Server and Finagle

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  • Production use as Twitter’s HTTP framework
  • ~50 times faster than v1.6 in several benchmarks
  • Powerful feature and integration test support
  • Optional JSR-330 Dependency Injection using Google Guice
  • Jackson based JSON parsing supporting required fields, default values, and custom validations
  • Logback MDC integration with com.twitter.util.Local for contextual logging across futures


Check out our list of recent presentations: Finatra Presentations


  • Finatra is now built against the latest Finagle v6.30.0 and Twitter Server v1.15.0 releases.
  • Please take a look at our new User Guide!
  • Keep up with the latest news here on our blog.

Quick Start

To get started we'll focus on building an HTTP API for posting and getting tweets:


case class TweetPostRequest(
  @Size(min = 1, max = 140) message: String,
  location: Option[TweetLocation],
  nsfw: Boolean = false)

case class TweetGetRequest(
  @RouteParam id: TweetId)

Then, let's create a Controller:


class TweetsController @Inject()(
  tweetsService: TweetsService)
  extends Controller {

  post("/tweet") { requestTweet: TweetPostRequest =>
    for {
      savedTweet <-
      responseTweet = TweetResponse.fromDomain(savedTweet)
    } yield {

  get("/tweet/:id") { request: TweetGetRequest =>

Next, let's create a server:


class TwitterCloneServer extends HttpServer {
  override val modules = Seq(FirebaseHttpClientModule)

  override def configureHttp(router: HttpRouter): Unit = {

And finally, we can write a Feature Test:

Feature Test

class TwitterCloneFeatureTest extends FeatureTest with Mockito {

  override val server = new EmbeddedHttpServer(new TwitterCloneServer)

  @Bind val firebaseClient = smartMock[FirebaseClient]

  @Bind val idService = smartMock[IdService]

  "tweet creation" in {
    //Setup mocks
    idService.getId returns Future(StatusId("123"))

    val tweetResponse = TweetResponse(...)
    firebaseClient.put("/tweets/123.json", tweetResponse) returns Future.Unit
    firebaseClient.get("/tweets/123.json")(manifest[TweetResponse]) returns Future(Option(tweetResponse))

    //Assert tweet post
    val result = server.httpPost(
      path = "/tweet",
      postBody = """
          "message": "Hello #FinagleCon",
          "location": {
            "lat": "37.7821120598956",
            "long": "-122.400612831116"
          "nsfw": false
      andExpect = Created,
      withJsonBody = """
          "id": "123",
          "message": "Hello #FinagleCon",
          "location": {
            "lat": "37.7821120598956",
            "long": "-122.400612831116"
          "nsfw": false

      path = result.location.get,
      andExpect = Ok,
      withJsonBody = result.contentString)

  "Post bad tweet" in {
      path = "/tweet",
      postBody = """
          "message": "",
          "location": {
            "lat": "9999"
          "nsfw": "abc"
      andExpect = BadRequest,
      withJsonBody = """
          "errors" : [
            "message: size [0] is not between 1 and 140",
            " [9999.0] is not between -85 and 85",
            "location.long: field is required",
            "nsfw: 'abc' is not a valid boolean"

Detailed Documentation

The Finatra project is composed of several libraries. You can find details in a project's README or see the User Guide for detailed information on building applications with Finatra.

Example Projects

For more detailed information see the within each example project.


A barebones "Hello World" service.


A barebones service that is deployable to Heroku.


A url shortening example that is deployable to Heroku.


An example Twitter-like API for creating and retrieving Tweets.


A server used for benchmarking performance compared to a raw finagle-http service.


A proof-of-concept streaming JSON service.


A full list of contributors can be found on GitHub.

Follow @finatra on Twitter for updates.


Copyright 2015 Twitter, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:

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