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Fast, testable, Scala HTTP services built on Twitter-Server and Finagle
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Add optional 'name' parameter to routes

Currently RouteInfo can only give you information about a
routes Controller and Http method. This means, for instance,
that stats are scoped only by these two values. If you do
not follow best practices of one resources per controller, this
leads to overlapping stats names, making stats mostly useless.

Better granularity for stats and other potential uses of

When defining routes in a controller, you can now pass an
optional 'name' parameter which should uniquely describe the
route. If passed, this will be used instead of the controller
name in the stats name. Also, if no name is passed, rather than
the controller name, a sanitized version of the path string will
be used. The sanitation converts all / to _ and strips out
any other non alphanumeric characters (except _ ).

Fewer name collisions in stat names and the opportunity to give
each route a unique and relevant name. More useful RouteInfo for
other potential uses.

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Fast, testable Scala services inspired by Sinatra and powered by twitter-server.

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Announcing the next milestone release of Finatra version 2!

Finatra v2 slides from SFScala meetup

Documentation for prior versions can be found here.


  • Production use as Twitter’s HTTP framework
  • ~50 times faster than v1.6 in several benchmarks
  • Powerful feature and integration test support
  • JSR-330 Dependency Injection using Google Guice
  • Jackson based JSON parsing supporting required fields, default values, and custom validations
  • Logback MDC integration with com.twitter.util.Local for contextual logging across futures
  • Guice request scope integration with Futures

Quick Start

To get started we'll focus on building an HTTP API for posting and getting tweets:


case class PostedTweet(
  @Size(min = 1, max = 140) message: String,
  location: Option[Location],
  sensitive: Boolean = false) {

case class GetTweet(
  @RouteParam id: StatusId)

Then, let's create a Controller:


class TweetsController @Inject()(
  tweetsService: TweetsService)
  extends Controller {

  post("/tweet") { postedTweet: PostedTweet => map { savedTweet =>

  get("/tweet/:id") { request: GetTweet =>

Next, let's create a server:


class TwitterCloneServer extends HttpServer {

  override val modules = Seq(FirebaseHttpClientModule)

  override def configureHttp(router: HttpRouter): Unit = {

And finally, we can write a Feature Test:

Feature Test

class TwitterCloneFeatureTest extends FeatureTest with Mockito {

  override val server = new EmbeddedHttpServer(
    twitterServer = new TwitterCloneServer {
      override val overrideModules = Seq(integrationTestModule)

  @Bind val firebaseClient = smartMock[FirebaseClient]

  @Bind val idService = smartMock[IdService]

  "tweet creation" in {
    //Setup mocks
    idService.getId returns Future(StatusId("123"))

    val mockStatus = Status(
      id = StatusId("123"),
      text = "Hello #SFScala",
      lat = Some(37.7821120598956),
      long = Some(-122.400612831116),
      sensitive = false)

    firebaseClient.put("/statuses/123.json", mockStatus) returns Future.Unit
    firebaseClient.get("/statuses/123.json")(manifest[Status]) returns Future(Option(mockStatus))

    //Assert tweet post
    val result = server.httpPost(
      path = "/tweet",
      postBody = """
          "message": "Hello #SFScala",
          "location": {
            "lat": "37.7821120598956",
            "long": "-122.400612831116"
          "sensitive": false
      andExpect = Created,
      withJsonBody = """
          "id": "123",
          "message": "Hello #SFScala",
          "location": {
            "lat": "37.7821120598956",
            "long": "-122.400612831116"
          "sensitive": false

    //Assert tweet get
      path = result.location.get,
      andExpect = Ok,
      withJsonBody = result.contentString)

  "Post bad tweet" in {
      path = "/tweet",
      postBody = """
          "message": "",
          "location": {
            "lat": "9999"
          "sensitive": "abc"
      andExpect = BadRequest,
      withJsonBody = """
          "errors" : [
            "message size [0] is not between 1 and 140",
            " [9999.0] is not between -85 and 85",
            "location.long is a required field",
            "sensitive's value 'abc' is not a valid boolean"


We are publishing Scala 2.10 and 2.11 compatible libraries to Maven central. The Finatra project is currently split up into multiple components: (Twitter Inject and Finatra libraries).

Twitter Inject (com.twitter.inject)

Inject provides libraries for integrating twitter-server and util-app with Google Guice.

Detailed documentation

Finatra (com.twitter.finatra)

Finatra is a framework for easily building API services on top of Twitter’s Scala stack (twitter-server, finagle, twitter/util)

Detailed documentation


You can run the examples in finatra/examples using sbt, e.g., to run the finatra/examples/finatra-hello-world example,

$ sbt helloWorld/run

Or you can create an assembly and run the assembly,

$ sbt helloWorld/assembly
$ java -jar examples/finatra-hello-world/target/scala-2.11/finatra-hello-world-assembly-2.0.0.M3-SNAPSHOT.jar -http.port=:8888 -admin.port=:9990


A full list of contributors can be found on GitHub.

Follow @finatra on Twitter for updates.


Copyright 2015 Twitter, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:

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