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Publish to npm? #111

jgallen23 opened this Issue Sep 18, 2012 · 31 comments


None yet

Any plans to publish the latest version to npm? I'm running into issues with hulk (/ and - in filenames) with the current published version and it looks like those issues have been fixed in master.


sayrer commented Sep 18, 2012

Still have some blockers

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On Sep 18, 2012, at 1:16 PM, Greg notifications@github.com wrote:

Any plans to publish the latest version to npm? I'm running into issues with hulk (/ and - in filenames) with the current published version and it looks like those issues have been fixed in master.

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Any progress on this? It's still 2.0 on NPM

👍 for this, I'm running into issues with this:

questionData.answers = hogan.compile(confTec.questionTime.answer);
questionData._answers.map(function(a) {
    return questionData.answers.render({
        _answer: a

Single template strings work, but not arrays.

qubyte commented Apr 25, 2013

We'd like to use hogan in our node app, and prefer to use npm over github. Has there been progress on this issue?

blented commented May 8, 2013

Template inheritance is broken in the current version, this fiddle should work and does not: http://jsfiddle.net/sontek/e4pnj/

You can download a working version here: https://raw.github.com/gist/3661788/8d26a085b016a17dd6d52de6171b11d8c501ac5f/gistfile1.js

Overwrite hogan.js in node_modules/hogan.js/lib to fix. Hope they get this patched up, inheritance is fantastic :)

eneko89 commented May 28, 2013

Why it hasn't been published to nmp yet? When is planned to be done?

eneko89 commented May 28, 2013

BTW @blented, that works for me... (http://jsfiddle.net/sontek/e4pnj/)

blented commented May 28, 2013

@eneko89 which version of Hogan are you running against? It errors using the build from https://raw.github.com/twitter/hogan.js/master/web/builds/2.0.0/hogan-2.0.0.js


eneko89 commented May 28, 2013

@blented I'm using 3.0.0. Of course it fails with 2.0.0, that version didn't support template inheritance!

blented commented May 28, 2013

@eneko89 my bad, 2.0.0 was the latest I saw in web/builds :\ That's also the version that's on NPM as it doesn't work there either. I ended up just downloading hogan from the fiddle I posted previously and using that.

eneko89 commented May 28, 2013

@blented Yes, that's why I was asking if it was going to be updated in NPM... but this seems to be somewhat abandoned :S.

Hello @sayrer, is the blocker that prevented 3.0 from getting published still an issue? If there are problems, what can we do to help?

qubyte commented Jul 2, 2013

@sayrer Can you provide a status update please?

+1 I'd like to start using 3.0 as well.

dmmalam commented Jul 29, 2013



sayrer commented Aug 5, 2013

Hi guys. We'll try to get this shortly. Thanks for your patience.

jgueytat commented Aug 6, 2013



sayrer commented Aug 12, 2013

Looking at this currently--one failing inheritance test to go.


nemtsov commented Aug 12, 2013

@sayrer great! Do you plan to have the ability to overwrite a deeply nested sub in this version? So that the following would work (or is this the test you are working on?):

var child = Hogan.compile('{{<parent}}{{$a}}c{{/a}}{{/parent}}').render({}, {
  parent: '{{<grandParent}}{{$a}}p{{/a}}{{/grandParent}}',
  grandParent: '{{$a}}g{{/a}}'
is(child, 'c', 'should use the child sub value');

Edit: In case you are not, I just submitted a PR for this feature: #149

Hi, I have run the test suite and am getting no errors. Which test is failing?

Tests Complete
Passed: 122
Failed: 0

(or maybe you fixed it, or it is a platform specific problem?)


sayrer commented Aug 22, 2013

This works thanks to @nemtsov in issue 149, but there's still some investigation to do with lambdas and inheritance. Then, we should be ready.

cheeaun commented Sep 21, 2013


abh commented Dec 4, 2013

@sayrer What are the remaining blockers?

Any blockers still preventing v3 from getting onto npm?

Very eager to use v3 from npm, please, please!


necolas commented Feb 4, 2014


nabrown commented Feb 4, 2014

I'm just getting started with npm and grunt. I noticed the version of hogan in grunt-contrib-hogan which nicely compiles templates is 2.0.0, and thus the compiled templates fail. I thought I was clever finding a node module that will go through and update all dependencies...only to discover on this thread that 2.0.0 is the latest on npm. Any chance to upgrade to 3.0.0 ?

It'd be nice to get some feedback on this. Can't see why 3.0.0 isn't on NPM.

gebrits commented Mar 7, 2014

in the meantime you can do something like
npm install --save git+https://github.com/twitter/hogan.js.git

@sayrer sayrer closed this Jun 9, 2014

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