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Bower #114

speier opened this Issue Nov 4, 2012 · 7 comments

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speier commented Nov 4, 2012

Please add component.json to support Bower. Thanks.


any progress? please add component.json to bower.

i8ramin commented May 24, 2013

+1 ... but call it bower.json, since component.json is old.

Also, some documentation no how to include in projects once installed via bower would be great! :)


Please tag the releases as well.

tbrd commented Jul 10, 2013

I'm having problems importing hogan with bower.
"bower install hogan" works fine, but then a "bower ls" gives the following message:

bower discover Please wait while newer package versions are being discovered
bower error Unable to fetch package hogan.js (if the cache was deleted, run install again)

When I add hogan as a dependency for my package in bower.json, e.g.
"dependencies": {
"hogan": "~3.0.0"

I get this error:
throw err;
TypeError: Invalid Version: d318828
at new SemVer (/Users/thamshere/nvm/v0.10.10/lib/node_modules/bower/node_modules/semver/semver.js:257:11)
at compare (/Users/thamshere/nvm/v0.10.10/lib/node_modules/bower/node_modules/semver/semver.js:410:10)
at gte (/Users/thamshere/nvm/v0.10.10/lib/node_modules/bower/node_modules/semver/semver.js:459:10)
at cmp (/Users/thamshere/nvm/v0.10.10/lib/node_modules/bower/node_modules/semver/semver.js:476:22)
at Comparator.test (/Users/thamshere/nvm/v0.10.10/lib/node_modules/bower/node_modules/semver/semver.js:546:10)
at testSet (/Users/thamshere/nvm/v0.10.10/lib/node_modules/bower/node_modules/semver/semver.js:818:17)
at Range.test (/Users/thamshere/nvm/v0.10.10/lib/node_modules/bower/node_modules/semver/semver.js:810:9)
at Function.satisfies (/Users/thamshere/nvm/v0.10.10/lib/node_modules/bower/node_modules/semver/semver.js:831:16)
at null. (/Users/thamshere/nvm/v0.10.10/lib/node_modules/bower/lib/core/package.js:773:23)
at Array.filter (native)

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necolas commented Jul 11, 2013

There are no git tags pushed to the GitHub repo, so Bower can't find the tag.
3.0.0 is also not included in the available builds.





@speier speier closed this Jun 15, 2015
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