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Computed properties are computed twice #128

mostafah opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Rendering template {{something}}{{^something}}nothing{{/something}} will call something twice when it’s a function. This is such a common pattern, so keeping the returned value can lead to a significant performance increase, specially when something returns a list, or when it’s not very cheap and is called for every item in a list.

This doesn’t have to be implemented as a full caching mechanism. For covering this pattern keeping the return value only for a single scope or even only for the next expression in the current scope would suffice.

I’m new to Mustache and maybe I’m missing something here. But anyways I thought hogan might be interested in this improvement because of its focus on speed.


If you are liking this suggestion, I can go ahead and see what I can do about it in a pull request. I’m not familiar with the codebase, but I’ll go and see what I can do.

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